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Karen S - May 18

Ok my son is 2 weeks old and I have been very lucky about him sleeping at night. But last night and all today whenever he goes tosleep after being fed, once I lay him in his crib he wakes up and cries. If i hold him or put him in his bouncer he will sleep fine but not his crib. Why all of a sudden the change? He was fine before. Any suggestions?


ry - May 18

Maybe its gas? I think if they are ga__sy they are more comfortable if they are in a more upright position than flat on their back. My ped said to keep my dd upright for at least 20 mins after a feeding to help her tummy settle. Hope this helps -Good luck!


Karen S - May 18

Yeah I have noticed him to be extra ga__sy so thats probably it but after he has fed for 20 to 30 min and I lay him down he automatically wakes back up and wants to feed again. Is it wrong to feedhim again cause it seems he's doing it out of comfort. But I bet it is the gas


HannahBaby - May 18

My daughter was like that for a while. I didnt put her into her crib for a nap until she was 6 months!! She slept in her carseat, swing, boucer, pack-n-play but not her crib. Finally at around 6 months she loved to sleep in her crib. It was strange for my daughter because she would lay in there all day and watch her mobile but when it came to sleeping she wouldent do it. He could just be in a funk today and not wanting to lay in his crib, i wouldent worry about it


Karen S - May 18

Oh I hope your right Hannahbaby:)


kimberley - May 18

Ahhhhhhh 2 week wake up.....The first 2 weeks they are still "stunned" by everything, and at 2 weeks they seem to wake up. My DD was exactly the same.....she is now 14 weeks, but what I didn't realise is she had bad reflux! I thought she was just real hungry, as she was always eating, but it was comforting eating...for comfort and to ease the reflux pain in her throat, as a result she is now a little chubba. It may just be him settling, but keep in mind that if it is late arvo it happens it could be colic, but if it happens all day, plus if he starts arching his back during or after feeds...and starts crying more and more it could be reflux. Also, what ry said about keeping him upright for at least 30 minutes after a feed could help, so could putting the head of his bed up, so he is not layed flat.


Karen S - May 18

How would I know if he had reflux? He has a doctors appt. tomorrow could they find that out tomorrow? Would maybe putting a towel under his sheet on his bed be ok to do so he wont be laying so flat?


Bonnie - May 18

Karen, look at www.infantrefluxdisease.com in the info section there is a place that lists the signs and symptoms of reflux. The most common signs of reflux are excessive crying, refusing to feed despite wanting more (thus losing weight), arching back and crying during feeds, and excessive spit up. However, there is also silent reflux which is what my son has and it is very easy for the pediatrician to miss and b__w off as colic. Silent reflux is reflux without the spitting up. And like Kimberly, Mason was a comfort feeder and gained excessive weight. The formula soothed his raw esophagus. Most reflux babies don't eat so the ped thought he was haining weight so he was fine. Colicky type behavior is inconsolable crying that lasts 2-3 hours usually at the same time everyday and usually evening. Crying all day long may indicate something else. If he is fine in the bouncer but not the crib, I would suspect it is more behavioral.


Rabbits07 - May 18

My ds preferred his baby hammock for a couple of weeks. I think it was just more comfortable for him as it would give under his body...he would just roll up into this little ball on his side...it's how I imagined he was in the womb. Your baby may just find you or the bouncer more comfy!


hrsmith - May 19

your son is still so young, he might just be a little ga__sy or is starting to become a bit more aware of sounds. My son was like that for the first 4-5 weeks, so I held him a lot. I wasn't worried because I had read several books that talked about giving your baby exactly what they need for the first 3 months, because they need it. At 3 months I started to develop routines, and it has worked like a charm for me. I had very littletrouble transitioning him into the crib. I am actually sad now because he doesn't really like to be rocked anymore, and that is my most favroite time of the day


Marlene - May 19

I dont know if this will help but when my son was in the NICU i would put blankets in his bed with him that i slept with the night before. That way he was sleeping with my scent and thought i was there. the nurses said he slept alot better whenever he had something of mines with him. Maybe if you did this he would stay sleep in his crib. I'm not sure but its worth the try.



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