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Anna (addisons mom) - September 23

i made the mistake of letting my baby sleep with me and daddy now shes hooked. are there anyways to wing her off of it?


Steph - September 23

Unfortunaltey, the only way that you are going to be able to ween her from that is to let her cry herself to sleep....put her in her crib and let her cry for a three minutes, then go in and rea__sure her, go out and have her cry for five minutes, then go in and rea__sure her, keep adding a few minutes onto each crying session and it will take a week or so for her to catch on. Make sure that you are not in her room for very long and don't pick her up....it's hard and it really sucks listening to them cry, but if you know she's just tired and not hungry, too hot, too cold, dirty diaper, sick, etc., then you just kind of hafta bite the bullet. Some people may not agree with my advice but this is what I learned to do with my daughter when she was small. Good Luck.


Tiffany - September 23

before i answer: how old is your child?


crazy idea - September 23

ths may sound crazy but record yourseves sleeping.... then the next night play it for the baby in her own room the sounds of snoring or tossing and turning whatever...... may help her fall asleep


Alisha - September 25

Maybe its the soft cusiony bed she likes. Just an idea that might help with the winging. Try cutting a soft mattress pad to fit the crib mattress, and start putting it under the crib sheet. My baby loves it. Good luck.


anna - September 25

to tiffany shes 2 months


mom42 - September 26

You could try moving her to a ba__sinet by the bed, then to a crib later. Our daughter slept with us for the first 5 weeks or so. I moved her to the ba__sinet right beside me for the last two weeks or so. She has done pretty well with it. I'll probably move her to her crib at about 12 weeks.


anna - October 4

well she is sleeping by herself but when she does its only for 4 to 5 hours. is there anyway of helping her sleep all night


anna - October 6

pleez help!!!!!!


Steph - October 6

Not if she's two months old, she's got quite a while before she starts sleeping all night...plus, 5-6 hours is a great start!


Anna - October 7

well if she sleepswith us shell sleep the whole night


d - October 27

I just wanted to know how your baby is doing now? Do you still have her sleeping with you so you can feed her and be there for her? My son's crin is right next to my bed. When he starts to wake up I'm right there to take care of him. He used to want to feed at 3 and 5am but now at 7 months he feeds at 10pm and will want to eat by 5 or 6 am. also noticed that during the day he stays up playing more so I think he is more tired.



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