I Need Help And It Has To Work Within 2 Months

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k.p.j.e. - February 20

Lol sorry for the dramatic t_tle anyway my son is 15, almost 16 months old. He still drinks from a bottle 3x every day, 8oz. of milk, and yes, in my lap. I am pregnant and due in exactly 2 months. I have to get Jack off the bottle because I am going to br___tfeed Emma but also because at his age I guess he should be drinking only from cups. I tried to give him milk in his sippy cup to drink by himself but he didn't drink it, and it got thrown away. Then i tried holding it for him, but it spilled everywhere...I know this isn't going to be easy but I don't know how to do it....and I think he only needs 16 oz. a day anyway but he is attached to his 3 bottles and he knows what time to expect them, gets fussy if they are even late! What should I do?


Ca__sie06 - February 20

I dont know if this will help or not but I will let you know what I did. DS is only 6 months old right now, but I have already introduced a cup to him so it wont be so hard later on. Anyway, the cup I got is thinner through the middle so it easy to grasp like a bottle. It comes with 3 different lids, one is similar to a bottle nipple, the next one is a little more like a cup, and the last on is actually a sippy cup lid. Plus they are all completely spill proof. It works great and he is already in love with his cup, so I think it will make transitioning easier. You could give it a try! It is made by Nubby but I cant remember the name of the cup itself.


k.p.j.e. - February 20

thank you! Jack has used a sippy cup for a long while but only for water or juice...and I still warm his milk (d__n it my mistake!) I learned my lesson. So I will give your suggestion a try...I need all the suggestions I can get I am desparate.


k.p.j.e. - February 20

Btw...if anyone has successfully b___stfed one baby while still having an older child drink from a bottle, I would like to hear about that too...even though I know someday i will have to wean from the beloved bottle...sigh I wish i had thought of this sooner


Ca__sie06 - February 20

This is the cup I have. The ones I found online only show the sippy cup lid with it, but the pack I bought had all 3 in it. You may want to check Walmart, that is where I got mine. Hope this helps! netkidswear.com/12oznunogrcu.html


Lisastar9 - February 20

I don't think I would worry if he still gets a bottle but if you really are just give a sippy cup till he takes it eventually he will drink from it even if it takes 2 -3 days and lots of crying but you will get thought it. Only give a sippy cup nothing else take away all bottles for this to work. I have never tried this myself but is recommended from a mother on another forum I used to go to.


k.p.j.e. - February 20

Ca__sie those look great! Definitely looking for those. We don't have a Wal-mart up here but I will look at Target and Babies R Us. Hopefully I don't have to order online...I really want to give that a try. Thank you so much!:)


Kara H. - February 20

What about a sports bottle? Would he drink from that? Or how about a cup with a straw?


jas - February 20

Honestly? You might want to wait until after the baby is born... I don't see the rush... 1. You older child will want time with you and if being in your lap with a bottle gives him what he needs for quality time with mommy (especially with all the chaos a newborn brings) so be it. 2. If you rush him before he is ready, he will regress 3. if you rush him because of the new baby, he will pick up on that and resent the new baby... At this point - make the transition slow and let him take the lead. Good luck!


Emily - February 20

If I were you, if he isnt ready for a cup, let him keep his bottles but tansistion him to take them on his own, not in hyour lap. That way when baby comes, he will still have th bottle, something is oviously very attatched too. My dd took a bottle of warmed milk till she was 18mos. Then it was from a sippy. I was still pregnant at that time so she was off the bottle when her sister showed up. I bf her and I am bf her sister. Mary still climbs up to me while I am nuring Marcy and takes a sippy cup of juice next to me. She crawls up to whatever side I am not feedin Marcy from and she cuddles in my arm. She still gets to be close to me, but she is actaully holding her cup. (she still uses the stupid thing like a bottle....just with a hard plastic sippy lid,....lol!)


Patti - February 20

Been there! I have two 17 mos apart. My older dd was still on a bottle and had to sit in my lap, facing out and reach up to grab my hair ( and I let her!) Anyway, after the baby came home she made a few changes and luckily didn't resent her. I still made mommy lap time for her, but she had to wait and sit beside me while I was b___stfeeding. She was 2 when I got her off the bottle. I made sure to get the next one off by about 14 months. I found a change in the home is a great time to change kids habits. My oldest DD , now 4, just stopped sleeping w/ me when I went to the hospital to have my 3rd DD. It's been almost 6 months now and she goes to bed on her own, in her bed, and stays asleep all night. I would have sworn she was going to sleep w/ me til she was 20! It's hard at first when they are close in age, but it gets easier and then is even great when they get older. Good luck!


k.p.j.e. - February 20

Thank you guys so much for your answers, really, I am so glad I asked, I've been worried for weeks. I really appreciate your stories Jas Emily and Patti. I think I will take your advice Emily, let him gradually transition w/ the bottle, but on his own. Then I will try those other kind of sippy cups. THANK YOU all again.



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