I Need Help LO Is 4 Mo And Still Wakes Up 4 Times A Night

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rohan - December 1

My lo turned 4 months yesterday and I had been hoping that by the time he is this old he will atleast sleep 4 hrs at a stretch but no such luck - he still wakes up 4 times at night. I am so tired - don't have the energy to go on like this. I need to have him sleep atleast 4 hrs at a stretch so that I can get some decent sleep. HERE IS HIS ROUTINE- 8.30 -9.30 SLEEPS AFTER A FEED (5-6OZ) : wakes up every 2-3 hrs and cries if I don't give him the bootle. He will drink with his eyes closed- only cries or opens his eyesif in pain from gas. WAKES UP AROUND 12-12.30 (TAKES 2-3 OZ) 3-4.00 (1-2 OZ) 6-7 (3 OZ) FINALLY WAKES UP 9.00 IN THE MORNING. What should I do? I tried not giving the bottle at the 3-4 feed as he only takes about an ounce or two - but he cries. he has reflux so he does need to eat more frequently but this can not be maintained. He gets br___tmilk or formula (alimentum) in a bottle.


DDT - December 1

You're just going to have to with hold the bottle if all he is doing is drinking 1-2oz at 4 months. That's not hunger but habit. Even 2-3oz isn't much to cla__sify as hunger. He has become so used to you coming to him whenever he cries and then getting a bottle that to him its now the norm of his night. Personally, I would stop giving him the bottle immediately. You could start cutting out one by one. Use the soother instead and the PU/PD method to calm him down. But don't hold him for too long or rock him else that will become another bad habit you will have to break down the road. Hold him for 5 mins tops. Then put him back down with his soother (swaddle if he will let you). Leave the room. If he cries again wait about a min to allow him time to put himself back to sleep. But if he cant then do PU/PD again as many times as needed. This will be VERY hard but to see results (usually after a week or less) you have to keep at it without breaking down else you are back at square one. Good Luck!


DDT - December 1

BTW feed him more oz during the day if our can. How many oz does he take during the day? how many feedings? how often? You can also try tanking him up before bedtime, or do a dream feed between 10-11pm to see him through the rest of the night. Put him down a little earlier ...like 7:30-8pm.


mommybabyboy21 - December 1

Your baby is hunger at those times but is only eating enough to barely satisfy his hunger and then goes back to sleep. what I would do is at 12 give him two ounces and then change his diaper, thus you will wake him up more and he will eat more and that should sustain him so he should be able to skip the 3 to 4 am feeding. My mom explained it to me when I first had my son that she had the same problem that you said, and her mom explained it to her. We are all b___stfeeding but when our lo would wake in the middle of the night we would only feed them one side and they would wake 3-4 times a night with that schedule, so instead of feeding one side and letting lo fell asleep, feed him and then i would change his diaper and he would eat the other side thus filling his stomach completely and sleeping longer. and at 4 months MOST LO need to eat at least once in the middle of the night. GL


kimberly - December 1

If he is 4 months now why not add some cereal to his diet. It may help him stay fuller at night. Some babies are ready for cereal by 4 months. My dd will be 4 months on Dec. 16th and I will be slowly adding cereal to her diet at that time. She asks like she wants it now because she eats often but I am going to wait until 4 months. I also heard that the cereal helps with acid reflux.


rohan - December 1

hi guys, thanku for all the tips. DDT, I'll try and hold back the 3-4 feed and try the PU/PD method. He takes about 5 ozs 5 times a day, he is a small baby (12 pounds) sometimes, he would take 4oz and more often. we'll try and feed him more in the day time. MOMMY.. he does keep sleeping during his feeds at night so doesn't take enough - I'll wake him AT THE 12.OO FEED tonight to feed him more. Kimberly, I tried the rice cereal 3 wks ago he got really ga__sy and wld scream during his feeds. May be I'll wait a month and try it again.


mommybabyboy21 - December 2

how was your night last night?


NatashaV - December 3

This is what I do, and my 3 mo. dd sleeps for 6-9 hours a night..maybe it'll work for you? I don't let her nap after 6 pm (keep her busy with her toys/gymini etc.) Then every 2nd day I give her a warm bath around 8pm, and feed her in a dimly lit, quiet room right afterwards. I put her down in her cradle after she eats (she eats around 8:30 and is put in her cradle at around 9pm most nights). I don't know if it's the warm bath, or the lack of evening nap, but as soon as we adopted this routine, she started sleeping pretty much through the night. Good luck!


IrinaZ - December 3

Boy, do I hear you, ROHAN! My 5 mo old DS is up 3 times a night, sometimes 4. If he wakes up only 2 or once I consider it a GREAT night. I read tons of books on how to help his sleep better and no luck. We've adapted a night routine a while ago - a bath, feed, rock and to sleep at 9 pm. He takes his last nap between 4 and 5 pm and doesn't nap til bed time. And he is STILL up all the time! Most times, it's not hunger - I b___stfeed him at night only once or twice for a short time. But I still have to get up, pick him up and rock and shush him. He is not a big fan of pacifiers. If i don't come and pick him up when he starts crying, he gets so worked up that it takes at least an hour to put him back to sleep. And then he is up at 6. We've started him on cereal - no affect on sleep. But he is a very happy and active baby, ahead with the milestones. So I guess, he doesn't need as much sleep as some other babies. Unfortunately, mommy still needs her beauty sleep:) But lucky for me, I am a SAHM and can take a nap with him in the afternoon. ROHAN, if you figure our how to improve your night situation, please share!


IrinaZ - December 3

Now, that I got complaining out of my system... I read, that around 5-6 mo most babies go through separation anxiety. For some babies it happens earlier - they need to be constantly reminded that mom is still hear. They will wake up in the middle of the night needing rea__surance. Maybe that's the case with our babies. I don't believe in Cry It Out technique and tried other suggestions recommended by the books. I guess my son just needs to grow out of it. SOme babies have trouble eating, or reaching their milestones or have stranger anxiety. Mine has staying asleep problem. The only advise that was useful to me was given my Dr. Sears in one of his books - if you can't change the situation, change your att_tude. It helped. The way I look at it now - he is not going to be 5 mo forever, sooner or later he will be sleeping through the night and will not need me for that. And in some years I would be begging him to let me hold him or hug him:) So I better enjoy this time with him now.


Prego1 - December 3

Rohan...My dd also has reflux. She does wake up in the middle of the night to eat, but she will drink 4 oz. During the day she gets 4 oz every 2-3 hrs. She's 14 lbs and have lost a little weight bec. she was in the hospital 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I was attributing her waking up to reflux. We just switched her med. to Prevacid yesterday.....praying she will get more rest esp. at night. I read that a lot of times bec. of the reflux, they like to eat a lot bec. of comfort, initially the formula/b___stmilk feels good as it goes down. It's called comfort feeding. Maybe it's time to up your LO's dose if he is taking meds?


rohan - December 3

Hi guys, here is the update 2 NIGHTS AGO- I tried to feed him more during his 12.00 feeding (waking him up) didn't work much he only took in 2 oz. he had gas and was too sleepy despite getting up completely to get his diaper changed.I tried to shh him back to sleep at the 3.00 feeding it took some 3o minutes, he cried a little not too much. I rocked him back to sleep. a night ago: same thing I woke him up for 12.00 feeding to see if he'll take more in but nop nothing more than 2oz. at 3.00 he stirred and I patted him back to sleep and he just made some whimpering sound and that was easy. last night: Again I tried to feed him more and woke him up for the 12.00 feed he finally took 30z in 1.5 hrs (was it worth it) at the 3.00 feed he cried more than usual but with a pacifier( he doesn't like it) and lot of sshhing and rocking he went back to sleep after half and hour. All the three times he woke up affter 2 hrs - but had 3 - 4 ozs rather than 1-2 he use to have. So I know he can easily miss a meal at night and make up for it before or after. The question is hich feed 12.00 is so hard to feed him - no matter how much I wake him I have only been able to get him to drink 2 ozs in an hr. What do you guys think. HE IS ON Zantach and we just upped his meds so prego let's see if that helps more. He sleeps with me in my bed (don't think its anxiety) he has always woken up these many times since birth. DDT we thought lets gt him to miss a meal and then we can stop rocking him to sleep.OH YA HE HAS HAD A MASSAGE BATH routine sinc 2 months so he does have a routine. May be we will try and cut out his late evening nap.. Dr. Sears tips are nice but i thin I have adjusted to the baby to the max of my limits. Baby's routine needs to change a little. Sometimes I feel I as a parent haven't set a good enough routine for him He is otherwise an angel with his beautiful smiles.


Cathy2 - December 4

HI Rohan,, it looks your taking all the advice you can get! Good luck! If could add in my two cents now, id' like to suggest he start sleeping in his own room. If you are not a die hard co-sleeper, it probably time for him to sleep on his own. At 8 weeks I moved my daughter from the ba__sinet in our room to her own room. She went from waking up 3 times a night, to 1 time immediately and now, 3 weeks later sleeps 9 hours through the night. I think sometimes knwong you are right there encourages them to wake up more often and limits their ability to develop self soothing techiniques. Alos, we all make certain noises when we sleep, deep breathing, husbands snoring, trips to the washroom, many babies will simply not be able to sleep deeply in these conditions. Just something to think about since sleeping iwith you does not appear to work for you and your lo.


Mrs.Ireland - December 4

My dd is 20 weeks and she has gotten worse at sleeping. She'll sleep from 8:30 or 9 to 12:30 and then up every hr on the hour after that. I am so exhausted. She has also become afraid of my husbands parents, which she sees all the time. I hope and pray it's just another phase she is going through.


lawlady72 - December 4

Rohan my situation is vry much like yours and I suggest you do what is good for you and your baby. DO NOT withhold food from your child unless you feel comfortable doing it. I complained to my doc several times about ds (who turned 4 mos today) waking every 2 hours to eat, he still does, but you know what? The first 8 weeks of his lie he gained a lb every 2 weeks and if my scale is correct he has been continuing to do so. He is healthy and happy and growing like a weed (height too) so I am exhausted yes, but I have started him on cereal and fruit and soon this part of my life will be gone and I'll miss it. How many times i've gotten angry being woken up and then he'd give me his crooked little smile.



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