I Need Help So Very Badly

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Tanaja - February 11

Gabriella is 8 months and her top teeth have really shown their ugly little heads and boy am I feeling it while I nurse. Now when her bottom came in I knew for a fact that she was biting me to bite me but NOW? I know she can't help it. If you try to suck on something like say your thumb for instance...........your top teeth automatically graze on it. So needless to say.................my nipples HURT. They feel like they've been in a battle and I cringe when I know she wants to eat. Tonight I am going cold turkey with her and not feeding her and my DH is going to go for the formula in the sippy cup. Are any other ladies going through this and if you are................................HELP ME PLEASE!!


Tanaja - February 11

BTW I am not giving up on BF I am only taking the night off to give my nipples a much needed rest from the torture.


EricaLynn - February 11

I am dreading this with my 6 week old. I think when we get to this point I am just going to pump for her, and not nurse. I know it sounds mean but I would rather her bite a silacone nipple than mine! Sorry I dont have an answer for you!


Tanaja - February 11

My problem is that she has never taken a bottle so we went straight to the sippy cup, but even that won't suffice if she really wants the real thing. She's crying her little eyes out as we speak. I'm up for a looooong night!


Tanaja - February 11

Please ladies does anyone know what to do?


bbelmore - February 11

I can't really offer any advice...but James bit me a bit when his top teeth came through...he grew out of it quick enough. They still sc___pe and it feels annoying as hell, but he so enjoys the b___st, I am going to nurse for about 1.5 more months. Then it's home free. He is 10.5 months now...


Tanaja - February 11

OK well thanks bbelmore I appreciate it. I just wanted to know if the top teeth still sc___ped when others BF or it was just mine. I will nurse for as long as possible but if it continues like this then she might be weaned a little earlier than I had initally planned.


Lisastar9 - February 11

My son just got his SEVENTH tooth in his mouth. Five on the top and two on the bottom. When you go to feed for,if she bites you ,put your finger in her mouth to break the suckion . Tell her " no biting it hurts mommy" She may cry do this everytime she bites. Remind her before a feeding she has to be nice and not hurt you to have milk. Also your Breasts will adjust to the feeding. Make sure she has a good latch to prevent this. You can always go to kellymom.com for more info Hope this helps. BTW my ds is my third baby and I have been though this before.


eliz24 - February 11

Hi, my daughter is 10 months and is getting her 6th tooth so I know what you mean....her teeth grazing against my nipple hurt really bad and I dreaded every feeding,but if it started hurting really bad I would just take her off and let her relatch again,I think that your nipples toughen up to it because now I can't even feel her teeth anymore or maybe she just learned how to latch so her teeth weren't grazing me. Good luck! the pain will subside.



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