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Deirdra - February 3

Tonights the night...im going to start getting Trent Back into his crib...and he is in their crying right now....im trying to do CIO b/c even if he falls alseep the minute i put him down he wakes up...im trying so hard not to break down....i fell like the worst mother ever....


babyboy46 - February 3

Good Luck!!! How old is your lo?


Nerdy Girl - February 3

You are NOT the worst mother ever. You are teaching your son healthy sleep habits, and teaching him to self-soothe. You are setting him up for a lifetime of good sleep. This is a hard thing to do, but be strong!


eliz24 - February 3

I know how you feel! I just started doing that with my daughter(she's 9 months) I absolutely hate to hear her cry but after only 2 nights of letting her cio she is doing a lot better,she's used to being b___stfed to sleep every night but I think she's getting the hang of learning how to put herself to sleep now: )Good luck! and your not a bad mom!


Deirdra - February 3

lol my little one is almost 4 months old...he is in his swing now...and i gave in....hes up and sitting in his bumbo right now...im gonna try and tire him out a bit more and thanks ladies!!!


Deirdra - February 3

i mean he is going to sleep in his swing...oh boy can you tell its beena rough night so far??


Deirdra - February 3

OK! so he started falling slaeep almost instantly in his bumbo...so i moved him to his swing and when he feel alseep i put him in his crib and hes sleeping there ow! woot!!! does that count??? LMAO!


jillianT - February 3

if he ends up asleep in his crib then it counts.


spamanda - February 3

ooh, dierdra, my lo just finished fussing himself to sleep! I know how you feel, it's SO difficult. Luckily most nights my husband is here to remind me that it's for his own good. My lo is 4 mos. and he's starting to roll over, so it's got to be the crib from now on. The first few nights were really difficult but it's getting better. Good luck!


BriannasMummy - February 4

My dd daughter does the same.. she loves to sleep in her swing. Its a hard thing to start getting your lo to move from one thing that they are comfy with into something else. The other morning when she woke up for her feeding.. I fed her and put her back into her swing so that she could go back to sleep.. just as soon as i did this she started to fuss. I picked her up, and talked to her for a moment or two. Then I put her in her crib.. instantly she went to sleep. To make it easier on her we went out and bought a mobile with a music box attached to it.. she LOVES IT.. because of that thing she wants to sleep in her crib! Its one of those Fisher Price rain forest ones.. it plays 4 different tunes and it has a remote. I think what she loves most is the leaves that flap up and down.. she stares at them. Perhaps something like that might make the transition easier? Just a thought. YAY for him sleeping in his crib though!!! ~Kristin~


Steph - February 4

Do you swaddle your lo? I only ask that if he wakes up right when you put him down, he may need to have his arms constricted in order to lessen his moro reflex. My son is 7 months old and I still have to swaddle him...good luck to you! :o)



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