I Need To Vent A Little

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leslie - October 20

WE hubby and me decided to get a br___tpump so I can pump at daytime (only like 4 oz) so at night I don't have to get up and I can sleep for like 4 or 5 hours..well my MIL called and I told her about this and she got sooo mad..she told me that that was not right! that I shouldn't use a br___t pump that the baby should feed only from the br___t, that her and her daughters hadn't done it that way..then she said well I can't talk to you now and she practically hanged up on me!!!! She critizes (sp) all parents who gives formula to their babies! and thinks that she knows everthing!! I have been very emotional and started crying... :( When she first found out I was preg.. she wanted me to have an abortion and now she comes and tells me how to raise my child?! I am sooo mad! I refuse to answer the phone!!


Steph - October 20

I would not worry about a thing that she says. I would tell her politley that this is you child, and although you appreciate her comments, you and your husband are rasing your child by the decisions the two of you make together. There is nothing wrong pumping and feeding your baby through a bottle, and that is certainly none of her business. Just do you best to ignore it, because you will have much more "unwanted" advice for the months and years to come. Good Luck to you!!


Jill - October 20

What a B*TCH!! I hate people like that! She has no right whatsoever to acuse you of not raising your daughter right! Using a b___stpump during the day so your husband can feed your baby at night is a perfectly fine and smart thing to do. That way, you'll actually have your rest so you can produce more milk and be a better mom. How does your husband feel about his mom? If he is angry too, try not talking or having any contact with her for a while. When my mom found out that hubby and I were trying for a baby, she sent me this 5 page letter criticizing every aspect of our lives and telling me that she would feel sorry for our baby! (Just because I'm 22 and my hubby is 30--who cares??!) After not talking to her for 3 months and skipping x-mas with the family, she was calling and calling and writing letters that I didn't return. WHen I finally started talking to her again, I was 2 months pregnant. Now I have a 1 month old daughter who, needless to say, my mom is absolutely crazy about. She begs me to let her clean my house so she can see her! Sorry, I'm babbling. My point is, you're right. Don't answer the phone when she calls for a LONG time, at least 2 months, and maybe she'll come around. She's wrong no matter how you look at it. Good luck!


Bonnie - October 20

I think what you're doing is a great idea! It gives daddy a little feeding time with the baby too which I am sure he will love. Don't listen to your MIL, they can be real pains. Do what is right for you.


leslie - October 20

thank you ladies, I hate it when people comes around telling you how to raise your child!! I would never tell a parent what to do! Now I know better. and u are right I kow this is jut the beggining of many unwated opinions :( I did told my husband and he got really mad,he was going to call her to tell her to not get in our lives but I told him not to, that would just make everything worse..


Lissi - October 20

She's an idiot! What the hell's wrong with a b___st pump? Nothing! You're still doing the best thing for your baby, and it's important for you to take a break whenever you can. Just ignore the interfering old witch.



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