I Really Am Getting Sick Of This

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Tanaja - February 26

I mean COME ON ALREADY. DD is going to win the world's record for NOT SLEEPING AGAIN!!!!!! She has got the endurance of a trained professional I swear it. If this is teething then I can't wait for it to be done with but my gosh I just am so tired of her just screaming and not letting me put her down to go to sleep. I'm sorry but I just needed to vent since obviously I am up and apparently not going to get any sleep tonight.


hello - February 26

Sorry to hear, noone is normally on at this time.... What time is it there?


julie316 - February 26

How old is you DD?.. my son was the same way.. off and on till he was 9 months... I finally started to let him cry.. The CIO method and I am loving it.. it only took him a week to get used to it.. I still rock and sing to him but will put him in his crib and he will just crawl to his pillow and go to bed.. He is 11 1/2 months now. Also a warm bath before bedtime would help my son .. good luck to you..


Cat - February 26

My 15 month old might have her beat. He has reflux (which you might want to look into, just in case) and has always been a poor sleeper. He started out sleeping 15-20 minutes at a time. On average, now he'll sleep for three hours and then will wake anywhere from every 1-3 hours. He's went six to seven hours a handful of times, but it never lasts. I'm beyond sleep deprived at this point. I end up getting enough sleep, but it's broken up, so it doesn't feel like it. Thank God, I don't work...I'd never make it. If it weren't for the reflux, I think I would have resorted to CIO....even though I'm not a fan of it. I think he's outgrowing the reflux, so maybe he'll start sleeping better. Have you tried infant tylenol or infant motrin, if you think she's teething? I know it's possible to build up a tolerance to tylenol, so if by chance you're using that alone, you might want to try the motrin. The infant numb stuff helps a bit too. Hopefully, it won't last long. Nap whenever she does. Good luck!


Heather F - February 26

have you tried co-sleeping?



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