I Saw This On The News Last Night

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EMBERBABY - February 7

The parents of this little girl were on tv last night, their story is sad but they are trying to help spread awareness with their story. Go to the You Tube website and type in: bellesgift, on the search bar or here is the link, I hope it works you know how this forum is with websites youtube.com/results?search_query=bellesgift&search=Search


EMBERBABY - February 7

Oh yeah, don't forget to remove the dashes.


Rabbits07 - February 7

That was so heartbreaking. I know it wasn't worth their loss, but hopefully this will save many lives.


sahmof3 - February 7

Rabbits said what I was going to. Heartbreaking!!


EMBERBABY - February 7

Wasn't it? OMG that poor family, but they are doing the right thing by spreading awareness.


sophandbob - February 7

I can't get this because my computer doesn't have sound at the moment. What is it about?


USMC_wife - February 7

Oh my, how sad!


Rabbits07 - February 7

soph, a little girl was killed in a car accident because she was in a booster with an adult belt instead of a 5 point harness. Apparently, in Australia where they are from it was legal for the 3-yo girl to be in it even though the parents now have found out that studies have shown that a child that size is more likely to die in a booster with adult belt. The family did not find out until afterwards, They are now trying to spread the awareness. You can still view the video as it as subt_tling....you just won't hear the music.


ash2 - February 7

Hey do you guys remember that thread where there was also this 4 year old boy that was killed in a booster seat because there was no 5 point harness ?? They had a video and a song to it also ! Very sad !! I forgot who had sent it to us, but it was also on youtube


Erynn21 - February 7

Yeah it is sad, I got really choked up by it. I'm glad they are spreading the word, I just feel terrible for them.



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