I Still Feel Bad About This Please Don T Hate Me

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LollyM - March 9

Ok, so when Ava was 4 days old and we were at the hospital, I did something that I feel SOOO badly about to this day. (She is 7 months old btw). Well, she had to be in the incubator for a while because of jaundice and I would just take her out to nurse her and change her diaper. She had a dirty one, so I took her out and went to put her in the plastic bassinet that was in our room and in my groggy and tired state, I accidently bumped her head on the edge of the top part of the plastic bassinet! She didn't cry or anything, but I felt where I had bumped her, and there was a big groove in her head! I freaked out, but I knew that newborns have very soft skulls and that her head would go back to normal. I Wanted to tell the nurse about it since I was freaked out anyway, but I was too embarrassed. I am a young mom and I didn't want to seem like some incompetent freak! The "groove" went away in a few hours and Ava hasn't had any developmental problems, but I still feel so guilty about it! Please tell me that I am not the worst mom ever! thanks...


aurorabunny - March 9

LOL Aww Lolly....sorry for laughing, it's not funny but I think it's cute that you feel so bad about that. Just the need that all this time later that you feel like you need to "confess" this shows that you are a good mom!! I'm sure she is fine!! And now when she's a teenager and does stupid stuff you can tell her it's because you banged her head on the ba__sinet the day that she was born...=)~


julieB - March 9

Hello Lolly... you are not a bad mom... I have a family member that would carry her son around in the carseat without buckling him in ... He was just weeks old.... Well when she was shopping for a new outfit, she bent over to pick up a blouse he rolled out and kept going till he was in the middle under the clothes rack... She had to fight through the clothes to be able to pick him up, quickly before anyone could see.. Needless to say she still did not buckle him in... He is ten years old now and is just fine....


LollyM - March 9

lol, thanks for making me laugh too =) deep down I know that I didn't harm her, but I still feel bad! =)


LollyM - March 9

oh, hi JulieB, we must have posted at the same time =) I can't believe someone wouldn't buckle their lo in like that! and continue to do it! I suppose that if her baby grew up to be ok, mine will too =)


HannahBaby - March 9

your silly.


mandee25 - March 9

I know it sucks when we accidentally harm our child. One day not too long ago I was holding my ds talking on the phone and I dropped the phone and it hit him on the side of the head. I just about freaked out but he acted like nothing happened. He didn't cry or anything! It didn't leave a mark or anything. Clipping his nails sucks too. I must have nipped his skin three or four different times, poor little guy. I am such a bad mom!


mcatherine - March 9

My oldest son got his first bloody nose and black eye at the age of 7 months because of me. I fell asleep with him on my chest on the couch (not on purpose), but still I fell asleep and woke up to his little screams from the floor! He had rolled off my chest and fell onto one his toys. I took him to the emergency room without telling a soul - and the entire wait I convinced myself that they were going to walk out at any moment and tell me they were taking my son for neglect or abuse or something. Good thing the doctor was rea__suring and told me that many mothers had accidents and that it was ok and helped me stop crying for the first time in hours!! Still - it was almost 5 years before I could bring myself to tell anyone what actually happened instead of my mastermind cover-up story of a walker accident!! And everyone just laughed at me - like they will at you. Worst mom ever? You don't even make the bottom of list, hon!!!!


Renee924 - March 9

oh mandee! I've done the phone thing too. She was only like 3 weeks old. I was talking and she was on my lap and it just slipped and dropped on her head. our phone has this imprint on the back that tattooed itself in a red mark on her forehead and she cried for all of 45 seconds before she forgot about it and went to sleep. I felt horrible! Dh ran over and looked at me like I threw at her or something.


Jennifer28 - March 9

It is too cute that you think youre a bad mom, Lolly! You, too Mandee. All of the 'confessions' have made me lol. From other posts from you girls I have read, you sound like wonderful mothers. Like aurora said, the fact you feel like you are 'confessing' shows what great moms you all are. ;)


mosley12 - March 9

oh im glad other moms have had accidents..once when ds was bout 7 weeks old, i had just finised a night feeding and was half asleep putting him back in the ba__sinet, and i was walking from the living room to our room, and i kinda missjudged where i was walking in the door and ran halfway into the doorframe..ds head hit first! i felt so bad but he didnt even wake up.so that worried me cause i thought i knocked him out, so i hurried to his room and woke him up myself..he kinda gave me a look like why would you wake me..lol...i still havent told dh about this


LollyM - March 10

aww, thanks ladies, I feel better and I'm glad all of our los have survived our torment =p! I knew there was a reason they don't remember the first two years of life.. hmm lol. I didn't even tell dh about what happened until dd was over a month old!



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