I Suppose I M Worrying

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Steph - March 6

Normally, I don't compare my baby with anyone else's babies, because I know that they all develop differently and hit milestones at different times. Trevor is 8 months old and can sit up by himself but I have to sit behind him to catch him when he finally topples over. He can rock back and forth on his hands and knees, but doesn't crawl. He can get around the room just fine by rotating on his tummy and can get all the way across the room if he wants. He doesn't want to pull himself up on anything but can hold onto and stand if I put him up. Am I worrying for nothing? Or are there any other 8 month old kiddies in the same boat?


ash2 - March 6

Well DS is 9 months and can sit up, but we still fall over every now and then. Your right, never compare because it makes you feel worse...it does me all the time, lol.....DS is still not all the way crawling yet....he still does the army crawl. I wouldnt worry. My first DS was walking at 9 months and crawling at 5 months, and now my second DS is so far behind him its not funny, babies will develop at their own rate. No worries...he sounds fine to me : )


Brittany - March 6

I agree with ash2. I have an 8 month old daughter and she isn't even sitting up yet! She rolls everywhere, she doesn't crawl yet either. They all develop differently. You have nothing to worry about, your son sounds fine.


Steph - March 6

Thanks you guys, it made me feel a lot better! Don't know why I get freaked out occasionally...I guess it's because a couple of groups I am on I see videos and pics of kids smaller than Trev crawling and pulling up!! :o) Thanks ladies!


KLC - March 6

My middle son Cody didn't sit up on his own until he was about 8 months old. didn't crawl until almost a year and didn't walk until he was just under a year and a half old. He is a perfectly healthy 8 year old second grader now. Some are just slower at things than others. I'm sure your little man is just perfect :)


aurorabunny - March 6

Steph I was just getting ready to post a very similar thread. Brody is 8 months old now and can only sit unsupported for a minute or two before he topples, has seemed to be trying to army crawl for a while now but isn't getting anywhere, and seems to have no interest in pulling himself up on anything. Reading these things from you guys is making me feel LOADS better....psheww! =)



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