I Swear This Could Be Avoided

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Ruthie - December 14

My mother says, "rare is the baby who cries when he's wet". But Matthew cries EVERY time he's wet. And this often means waking up much more often in the night - not just to eat. I think this could be avoided if these damn diapers didn't leak. He's always wet all over his back each time I change him. Anyone have a better diaper? I'm using Huggies newborn, but I've tried Pampers, generic, etc. They're all the same!!!!!!!!!


Chelsey - December 14

Make sure you flip his "bird" down when you change him. I know those little things like to have a mind of their own sometimes, but I find if my sons is positioned properly, then he's less likely to wake up with a soaked back! I used Pampers Swaddlers when Gabe was born, but find now that Huggies do the trick.


Narcissus - December 14

Yes, Aja always leaked until someone told us to flip Mr Winkey down. We were leaving him in the up position. No more leaks.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 14

The only diapers that don't leak for me are Target diapers. Sometimes other diapers leak even though I always point the pee-pee down. So those are now the only diapers I use at night.


monica - December 14

I have had the least amount of accidents with the target brand and I buy him size 4...He could fit into a 3 but i like them to go up a little higher to avoid any leaks.


to Ruthie - December 14

This is true , I bet we've all thought about a bucket with holes cut in it . lol


Christy - December 14

I felt the Pampers Swaddlers leaked a lot less than Huggies. I am stuck with a boatload of Huggies Supreme from my shower right now, but will go back to Pampers when I am through this stash. Oh, yeah, and keep the shooter down like everyone said. It helps.


Sonya - December 14

Might be time for a larger size diaper. I noticed when it's time to go up a size, they tend to leak. We love Huggies, but when they are too small, obviously they will leak.


Deb - December 14

I use cloth and doubble diaper at night. No leaks.


Bonnie - December 14

Rofl about putting the "winky" down. I'm soon to have a boy and sure never kenw that. Man....how do you learn all these things? lol


amanda.d - December 14

this may be a sign to step up one size i found that helped.


Brittany - December 14

I think all diapers pretty much work the same, it's just the way they're put on or if they're too small or the positioning of his "winky" haha is. I always thought I put the diaper on too tight BUT I was actually putting it on too loose so my son would wake up drenched all the time. Hope this helps!



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