I Think They Lost My Baby S Pics

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Rabbits07 - June 10

sorry, this is a vent. I had ds pics made 2 weeks ago at a popular professional studio (which I won't name). I viewed the pics (which I was highly impressed with), made my choices and paid for them. I was given an appointment to return this morning at 11:30 AM to pick up my order. (They also have an online site to check order status which I did several days ago and it said the order had been shipped.) Well, I get there and give the lady my name and tell her I am there to pick up my order. She goes to the cabinet and goes through it (comes up with no pics), goes to the computer and types something, goes to the wall calendar and starts counting from the date of our sitting until today, goes back to the cabinet, then to computer, and then to calendar....and so continues about 3 or 4 times in this circle. Once she asked if they would be under another name, but then finally comes and tells me that I was given the wrong date for pickup that they would be in Wed. or maybe Thurs. I told her that the lady who took the pics said they come in 2 weeks from day of sitting. She said sometimes they do, but usually it's 2 1/2 weeks.... (and I'm thinking, then why give me an appointment for two weeks?) At this point I'm really disappointed as I was looking so forward to getting them, but then I get annoyed because I had an appointment and I felt like they should have called and said--"sorry, your order isn't here." Instead I drove 27 miles in the sticky, hot heat with my baby and 5 kids who were suppose to be at a birthday party, so were none too happy to be there, just to find out I drove all that way for nothing. But then I start thinking...she counted on the calendar like four times and kept looking for the pics, if they gave me the wrong pick-up date, then why didn't she just tell me that instead of continuing to look for them? So I ask her if my pictures are lost and she says "OOOOHHHH NOOOOOO!" And then tells me that she'll go online and check delivery status. So, she goes online and then says.."Yep, there it is, they are just getting ready to ship!" Well, I told her that I checked shipping status online earlier in the week and it stated then that they had already been shipped. So then she says, "well yeah, they have, but they won't be here until Wed. or Thurs." Then tells me I should call before I come to make sure they are there! I was miffed by the time I left...not because I think they lost my pics...but because I fet like they were trying to cover it up. I could be wrong and they're not lost which would be great, but the whole thing seemed funny...especially her lying to me about the order status. *whew*


Jbear - June 10

Considering that everything is digital now, they can't be lost for good. They may have lost the prints, but they'll be able to print more. Or it might be that the woman who was there is new at her job and not good at finding stuff yet, or maybe the lab is running behind on printing stuff...It's true that they should have called and let you know that the pictures weren't there. Maybe if you complain enough when you go to pick them up, they'll give you a discount or a deal on your next pictures.


SonyaM - June 10

That is very weird. Sounds like something is up. Can't wait to hear what happens. I think they owe you some money back or something.


flower.momma - June 10

That exact same thing happened to me with my daughter's one-month pics. I was sooooooooooooooooooooo angry. I felt like I lost that time or something. Mine was JcPenney, and I have no problem naming the incompetent b___ds who misplaced my daughter's pictures. Luckily I had a coupon for Picture People, which I used at 1 1/2 months, and received beautiful prints right away. Now I never go to places that send away for their pics, because I no longer trust them.


flower.momma - June 10

Also, to JBEAR, the place where I went lost the file, and they could no longer pull it up. It was as if we never existed in their system. I battled with them for weeks, and finally just gave up.


punkin01 - June 10

i agree with sonya something is up i bet and since everything is digital they will do a reprint overnite them and poof wed there they are and the studio looks good ...... and as for the money back my DD just had her 6 mo pics taken and i can be seen slightly in the side because she had already tried to stand up from a pose they had her in and my DH literlally had to catch her as she took a nose dive off of the table so i moved a box of props and stood on one side and DH was on the other and my hand and small part of my face can be seen and they didnt notice it until i picked up the pics and they reduced the price (because the outfit was given to her while i was PG with her and it is a cheerleading outfit of DH fav team it is sized 12 mos but perfectly fits NOW so my DH had to have pics taken in the outfit )they offered a reshoot but i couldnt do it to DD it was long sleeved and the a/c wasnt working good at portriat studio the day of pics or the day of p/u so they knocked off price


Bonnie - June 10

I know full on individual photographers are crazy expensive. As someone in the businees I highly reommend by-pa__sing the cheese of jC Penny, Walmart, Sears, etc. and get true professional ones done at least once. It sounds crazy with what they charge (though I can a__sure you they have to as they are not ma__s produced like the big companies)...but you generally get far better service and photos. Not to mention you get to look at their portfolios first to make sure you like their work. :)...I can't help it, I'm biased :P If anyone lives near me in Boise, ID (yeah right, lol) I'll be happy to take pics for free for ya!


Rabbits07 - June 10

Wow, I didn't know there were any studios that printed immediate. I don't think there's a Picture People around here though. I did e-mail the company when I got home, so if the order was sent to the store and was lost I'm sure it will come out (I guess). I have just always had this knack for picking up on people lying to me, trying to deceive me, etc.....and that was the impression that I got. Of course, if they were lost and she was hiding it I'm sure it was because she didn't want an angry customer on her hands. But, I would just prefer to be told the truth...it wouldn't make me angry.


Rabbits07 - June 11

punkin, i have a pic of my last son with my hand. the photographer a__sured me that once the pic was printed that it would be removed from the frame (it was on the outer edge just in case he was to fall). So, on p/u I get this 10x13 of my adorable 3 month old with my hand on his rump! I also complained and got free pics (without said hand).


hello - June 11

Where i am from u dont pay til u pick up the photos... Thats how it worked here... hope it works out


Bonnie - June 11

They should have refunded you for that Hannah. THEIR mistake not yours, I would not have gone back either.


flower.momma - June 11

Yes, I agree, I have never gone back to JcPenneys. As they lost our file in the computer we didn't receive a refund. I could have fought it, but as a first time new mom, I was too tired. Plus, the people there were really impatient with us, and didn't seems to understand how little and fragile my daughter was. They were unprepared to pose her correctly, so that she could look natural in the photos, and in the "good" prints that we picked, there was more background than baby. It was just really weird. At the other places that I have gone since, the people seem to know how to get her to smile, and end up getting adorable photos, even when she's being uncooperative.


Nerdy Girl - June 11

I am sorry to hear about this situation, but as a private photographer I like to know that there is yet another reason for people to avoid those chains and come to me! LOL. Bonnie, so you are a photographer too? Like Bonnie said, you might want to consider seeing a professional at least once in awhile. I have clients who use the chain studios for "quickie" type of stuff, and I am not offended if they do that because I certainly cannot compete with the price of the chains. But when my clients want something artful and unique, and want one-on-one personal attention from start to finish, they call me. I mostly do large wall art type of stuff, 11x14's through 20x24's are most common. If anyone is in Chicago, look me up - www.photosbyjes.com


cae - June 11

HI Nerdy Girl, I just checked out your website and I just wanted to tell you that you do really good work. Keep it up. Take care.


Nerdy Girl - June 11

Thanks, Cae!


Bonnie - June 11

Nerdy Girl, first of all, LOVE your Web site!.............I worked under someone for a long time. I would LOVE to get into it on my own and I am hoping to eventually go that direction. At the moment I only photograph people or weddings for people I know. The only camera I have right now is the new rebel and I want something better before I get out on my own. I would LOVE to e-mail you and get any tips you have for starting out. I see from your Web site that you completely changed careers. People have been telling me to do this for SO long but as you know, starting out in this business is not easy. Like you I have a love for digital. I am in the process of starting a small business of making photo slideshows for people. I don;t expect that to be overly huge (though it would be nice if it were). But am hoping it will be enough to get the equipment I need to add the photography to the mix. Did you see the one I did of Mason?.....anyway, would you mind if I e-mailed you and asked you some questions? I would love to speak to someone like you who full out went and did it herself. :) my e-mail is bcreevy@hotmail.com


Nerdy Girl - June 12

Bonnie, yes please email me. You can link to me through my site or two_nerds@sbcglobal.net



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