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brmi0202 - July 6

My son is 7 months now, and is harder than ever to take care of! He still doesnt sleep through the night. He has a couple of times and then the next night he will wake up all the time. We recently moved and I know that plays a part in it, but he was this way at our other house too. He is also VERY VERY clingy. I have to basically walk around all day with him in my arms. If we set him down, he screams and screams. I dont know what to do. I am looking for a part time job, but I am so scared to put him in daycare in fear that no one will be able to handle his screaming. Dont get me wrong though, he is a good baby some days. I know he is getting bored with his toys and he is trying so hard to crawl but cant and gets fustrated. I think once he starts crawling and can be more independent that way, he will not scream as much. I think that I am a pretty patient person, but during the night when all he wants to do with sleep with us and wont go back to sleep after many attempts, I lose my patience and I get upset and I feel horrible for that. I dont want this new side of me to come out when our son is crying. My fiancee is out of town all next week and I have to care for him by myself all week and I am dredding this. Any advice on how to handle this or what to do?


Kelly K - July 6

He's 7 months old and should be able to comfort himself now. Just sit him down somewhere safe (pack & play or something like that), hand him a few toys and walk away. He may fuss for a few minutes, but he'll soon get over it and start playing. He has to realize that you can't hold him 24/7. Same thing at night - let him cry it out. After a few days (or even one) he'll get the hint and sleep.


brmi0202 - July 6

We have let him cry it out at our old house. At our new house, we are getting our air conditioning put in tonight, so weh ave had to leave the windows open and we didnt want him to wake up all the neighbors, so we havent let him cry it out. But once we get the air and we can close the windows, we should probably start that again. It is so hard on me to let him cry, but I know it is for his own good in the end. Thats a good idea about the pack n play. We have never used that to let him play in it, only sleep when we are away from home. Thanks!


Ca__sieSong - July 6

It sounds to me that your LO is overtired. He's not sleeping well at night (and neither are you) and that is making him very difficult during the day. Does he take good naps during the day? My dd is 7 months and if she doesn't get two 1.5 hours of naps a day, she becomes difficult to be around. It is time for tough love. I say let him CIO at night too. It isn't healthy not getting sleep... for either of you. Those are my thoughts. Keep us updated and good luck!!


Nerdy Girl - July 6

Things might get better soon. My 7 month old literally just started sleeping though the night regularly. Prior to this he would sleep through the night for a couple of days, then wake again for a feeding, then sleep through the next night. Knock on wood - he has slept through the night now for almost 2 weeks straight. Maybe your time is coming soon too!


Rabbits07 - July 6

Is there anyone you can get to come while your SO is gone and kind of help out? As far as his daytime crying...you can either pack him around in a sling or carrier (my back aches just thinking about that one) or let him cry. I've never done CIO as far as getting them to sleep at night, but I have let them cry in the day when I knew they were tired and they usually went to sleep within 5 minutes (I know not all babies are like that though). Even with a baby that isn't sleepy, I don't see any harm in letting them fuss when you know there is nothing wrong with them. I believe in rea__suring them and forming a close bond, but I don't think it is very healthy for baby (or mom for that matter) to be so clingy that mom can't put them down. If you plan on putting him in daycare he will have to learn to be away from you....it will just depend on whether the provider will tolerate the screaming and crying if you don't break him of it before then. I don't think teaching your baby to be independent makes you a bad person.


kvilendrer - July 6

I had a hard time with my son at first too. He wouldn't sleep in his own bed, so i laid him there and let him cry it out. It took only a couple of days and now he sleeps 12 hours a night in his own bed!


LisaB - July 6

How often/ long does he nap? My ds is 8 months and still not sleeping thru the night I've tried everything I am currently trying cio for the third or fourth time I always give it atleast a week each attempt but he never sleeps thru the night so I give up and figure he still needs the night feeding last night was night 4 and he cried for about 30 minutes it is killing me and not getting any better. your not alone. I do keep ds on a pretty strict nap schedule and that makes him a happy baby if he doesn't nap atleast three hours a day hes a grump then at night he sleeps 12 hours with 1-2 wakings. What is his schedule?


terri - July 6

brmi0202...I am going through the exact same thing.... My son will fuss almost instantly if we set him down to play. I let him fuss for a few minutes but I feel bad for doing it so in the end I pick him up. He co sleeps with us and doesnt sleep through the night but I am nursing him and it is easier for me. Selfish I know. I dont get alot of help from my partner with him, but what can I do there. Thats another story. I love my son to death but man he can be draining. And to top things off it is not like I can get alot of help from others cause he cries when he is not with me or his father.,


brmi0202 - July 6

First, thank you for all of your feedback! My ds takes very good naps, usually 2 at 1 1/2 hours and then sometimes a short one around 3:30. I was hoping this was just a stage, but it has been going on now for a while. My mom usually comes and stays with me with my fiancee is gone, but it is like 45 min away from her and by the time she gets here in the evening it is almost his bedtime. I am going to see though, becuase even a hour break would be much appreciated. He sometimes wakes up around 11:30pm and we dont fee dhim then because he just ate at 8pm. But then he will wake up anytime from 1-4am. It always varies! Now we just got our air in tonight so he is back in his room and im hoping he does better and we can let him CIO a little more. It is just so hard becuase my fiancee can go back to sleep and I cant. I lay there and then when he falls back asleep I go back in there to cover him up to make sure he is warm enough.


LisaB - July 6

I am the same way dh and ds will go back to sleep and I'm wide awake. Frustrating!!!! If I need to get something done and ds is being clingy (which is pretty rare) I will put three or four toys around him and when hebecomes bored with one he moves on to the other and rotates himself its cute and helpful. Maybe that will work.


kaitlin - July 7

I'm going through the same thing, but he's not so clingy during the day if I just ensure that I am giving him a dose of personal time with mommy every so often. Then, when he's tired of mommy face-time, he's ready to play independently for a bit, which is helfpul. He has also started waking at night for almost a month now (was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks!) but I believe it's a combination of the teething and bumping into his crib as he now rolls around in it. Haven't tried the CIO thing for more than 10 minutes yet. It's soooo hard. I'm holding off, because I have another 6 months off, so it's not crucial for me to do that to him yet, but I'm getting to the point where I may do it sooner rather than later!



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