I Want A Good Stroller Without An Additional Car Seat

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LJ - December 19

I have been looking for a stroller for ages. It seems the only thing available suitable for infants are the strollers that are actually car seats attached to a stroller base. I already have a car seat and don't want this. I want a stroller where my baby will be facing me until she is older, then she can face forward. I had imagined one where maybe the handle would change positions and allow the stroller to be facing either forward or backward. Do any of you know of such a stroller?


FF - December 19

Hi- I was given a stroller that can face you and lie flat (like an old time baby carriage) for when the baby is newborn, and then it faces away from you in a more upright position when the baby is older. I don't have a clue what brand it is because I ended up using a different stroller, but I know they do exist! Also, the stroller I have is a Baby Trend one from Toys R Us- it is really light and folds easily, I love it! When my son was brand new I used a small support pillow for his head and then when he got better control I took the pillow out. I hope you find a good one!


P - December 19

I have the Zooper Zydeco. It is not small and doesn't fold that easily and is not very light but it is a great stroller. It can face either front or back, the handle is adjustable to height, it has three large air filled tires (with air pump), a hand brake, and it comes with the full boot, rain cover and sunscreen. It also comes with an adaptor so you can use your infant car seat in it if you want to. I really like mine. There are a lot of strollers out there that don't come with infant seats so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one you like.


Jbear - December 19

My mom gave me a stroller that did that for my first daughter...it was old and every time I tried to take it up a curb it would fold up on my daughter. I ended up with the travel-system kind for my younger girl, and I really like it. The stroller itself will roll over any kind of ground and go over curbs easily. I can fold it with one hand and carry it with no trouble.


kellie - December 20

The three I know of are: Bumbleride Flyer, Peg Perego Venezia, & Peg Perego A3 Pramette.


lisa - December 20

quinny buzz, fits the cabrio car seat but you dont get one with it, you get a pushchair with the seat the reclines and faces either way i have one its light weight and great



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