I Want Another Baby

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ry - February 26

And I really should wait. Its just that dd is going to be one in [GASP!!!] 4 weeks. I cant even believe it. I have been on this forum since signs of pregnancy! I miss being pregnant and having a little baby soooo much!


Elle - February 26

I want another one too!! My dd turns one on 3/21 and I've been so emotional thinking about it. I know I'm going to cry on her birthday - I'm already reminiscing and missing her infancy, but enjoyed it so so much too. I've been on here since February 2005 and this forum has seen me through a miscarriage as well as a healthy pregnancy, delivery and first year! I know where you are coming from - I feel it too. Hugs!


nickie13 - February 26

Your not alone , I want to try again now and i just had my baby 4 months ago. the day after she was born we were talking about the next one. We are going to wait untill i get back to work for 3 months and start trying. I guess i loved the exitement.


K8 - February 26

MEEE TOOO! i want another now! my dd is 7 months but i have to be bridesmaid at my brothers wedding in September (he said he doesnt mind one bit if im preg, but i'll wait).....hubby wanted another before we even left the hospital! :)


lexa - February 26

One could only wish! (that'd be me) My dh is dead set against another one. He is actually going to get fixed in the spring (which is quickly approaching). Oh well. It'll make me enjoy the two I have even more!


ssmith - February 26

I'm with you too ladies!! Big time! My dd turns 10 months tomorrow, and it has gone by SO unbelievably fast. I had an easy pregnancy, and dd was (and is) such a good baby.....it has been a wonderful experience. I am scared that dh won't want any more children. I don't wish to have another one for at least 2+years....but it still scares me to think that she might be my only one. I think that is part of the reason why I find myself a bit obsessive in my thinking of another baby already....


Kara H. - February 26

Max is 7 months old. March will be my last month of BCP. We will start trying for his sibling in July. We lost several pregnancies, so we could have another long road in front of us. But I think I am ready to try again...


MM - February 26

Right after I gave birth I thought, okay, I think I may just want one (bad delivery - had emergency C)... but ds is only 15 weeks & already I'm thinking "Wow, he's so big, I think I'm ready for a teeny baby already!"


Topaz - February 27

I can't wait to have another baby too! Dd is 12 months and I miss having a liitle newborn. I had an easy pregnancy and dd is a pretty easy going baby, I guess toddler now. Whenever I see little babies it makes me want to have another one so badly. Dh wants to wait a l ittle bit, but I don't think I can!


flower.momma - February 27

That was around when I started TTC again. It took us 5 months, and they are now almost exactly 2 years apart. I think the age gap is great. We are thinking about a third, but who knows.


julieB - February 27

I want one too.. My ds is going to 1 year on 3/16, and I would love for him to have a sibling.. I loved being pregnant, and feeling my ds move inside of me.. that was the best.. the ultrasounds , second best, and just making all the plans.. I cant even lie.. I loved giving birth.. I would do it all again............. The only thing that stops me is that I am in WA state and my family is in NY.. I cant see traveling with two babies... Selfish I know but when I was about 5-6 months my dad had a heart attack and I want him to see my ds as much as he can.. I will but it will be a while..


ry - February 27

Ok, glad I am not the only one! I think I am going to give myself this summer to be pregnant and b___stfeeding free lol then start ttc in September (if I can wait that long). I wanted to space my babies out a bit at first but now I think I an seeing benefits in having them closer together!


Emily - February 27

I too sometimes want another one. Marcy is 8.5 mos old. Then I have to stop myself, and say, "Um remember what it was like having tow in diapers, changing dipaers while pregnant, feeding a newborn while you had a a toddler running around?" I do want another one, but want to wait till Marcy is fcloser to three to start trying. Mary will be five. I just have to convice dh of it....I still sometimes feel that Macy is our last one. It is so sad........


sahmof3 - February 27

I can understand how you feel.... I think that's why my 2nd and 3rd were 17 months apart LOL.



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