I Want GIANT Baby

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Amy_mommy - June 16

okay, from the last few posts, i see some people have giant babies AND I WANT GIANT BABY TOO!!!!! i was wondering what do u mommies feed your baby that they have become so giant?! my daughter only weighs 11 pounds at her 2 mths checkup...........! suggestions????????? thanks so much!


Amy_mommy - June 16

oh yeah, i formula feed her ENFAMIL NUTRAMIGEN.......baby is allergic to milk!


Marlene - June 16

I think you daughter is a nice size. My son is 12lbs 8oz and is 3 1/2months he was a preemie so I think that is good. What percentile was she in at her 2month check-up?? I think 11lb at 2months is fine. Just my opinion.


Bonnie - June 16

Amy, I'm looking at the percentile chart on your baby and it is showing her in the 50th percentil which is perfectly normal. (Here is a link for understanding growth.....http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/baby/babydevelopment/5251.html (no dashes.))..............Please do not worry. I had posted in another thread about Mason being in the 97th percentil and weighing 20 pounds at 4 months. But he is also extremely tall so he is proportioned. Feeding more or different brands really has nothing to do with it. You are certainly not doing anything wrong. I read your comment about people thinking you don't feed your baby enough. My advice? Tell them to shove off! I deal with reflux as well with Mason and I know many poor mommies who have to deal with their babies being failure to thrive because of it (FTT means they go below the normal weight range) . Your daughter is no where near that and is just perfect in her weight. So please do not worry and feel great about what you are doing! :)


hmreyna - June 16

Amy_mommy, why do you want a giant baby?? My son is on Similac Advance and he has about 5 1/2 ounces every 3 hours.... but at night he goes 9-10 hours without eating... he is a great sleeper. He is a huge baby.


HannahBaby - June 16

Trust me, you dont want a chubby baby. No matter where i go all i get is remarks about how big her thighs are and people ask me what i feel her.....I just hope that it stops soon because im afraid people will still be commenting on her when shes old enough to understand. (my daughter is 17 months and 25lbs....not too crazy but people definatly comment on it)


YC - June 16

My dd was 11 lbs at her 2 month checkup. Like Bonnie said...50th percentile...perfectly healthy and normal. She was also on Nutramigen. Once your dd starts cereal and food she will gain. Trust me the heavier they are the harder they are to carry LOL!!!


Amy_mommy - June 16

BONNIE!!!!!! wow, 20 pounds at 4 mths?! that's awesome! i just want my baby to be big and chubby.....so it's healthy.....haha........thanks guys


olivia - June 16

My friend is b___stfeeding her son who is 3 months old. He already weighs 19lbs! His doctor said he is in the 95th percentile for a 6 month old (off the chart for a 3 months). He looks like a little budda boy. He was 7 lbs when he was born. Anyway, 11 lbs sounds perfect for 2 months Amy_mommy!


AmandaManns - June 16

My son is a big boy he was 10lbs when he was born and he gained weight really quick in the first few weeks. At 2 months he weighed 15 lbs 2 oz and now at 6 months he weighs 20 lbs. He is definitely slimming down some but I have not fed him any less and he has ate every kind of jar baby food there is. All I get is comments on how big he is. Someone told me the otehr day he looks like he should be walking (he is tall as well). You daughter sounds totally normal and some babies are just built smaller. I know my friend has a little girl who is 9 months and only weighs 18 lbs.


Nerdy Girl - June 16

My 6 month old son weighs as much as my next door neighbor's 4 year old daughter (within one pound of each other)! No joke. My neighhor's kid is very pet_te though. But both kids are equally healthy! My son was 9 lbs at birth (2 weeks early), and 23 lbs 8 oz at his 6 month check up. People are always shocked when I say he is 6 months old because he is SO DAMN HUGE! I am really shocked that he is so large because he is actually a terrible eater. We have had a lot of problems with him in that arena. He was a horrible b___stfeeder. When we switched for formula we had to try a few different formulas and bottle brands to find something that he could latch onto and would not make him horribly ga__sy. When we introduced solids, he had a horrible tongue thrust and really didn't eat much at all the first month or so. Even now at almost 7 months old, he still is somewhat sporadic with his enthuiasm for solids. Sometimes he actually flat out refuses them. But he does approximately 25-30 oz of formula a day, plus 3 meals of solids (when he eats them!). I think think that genetics is a big piece of determining size, because I would guess that my son probably eats less than a lot of other babies his age. My husband and I are both tall and muscular, and my hubby was a 10 pound baby. Maybe that has something to do with it?? My three year old daughter was a 10 lb baby (full term), and off the charts for most of her babyhood. Now she is still a little above average for height and weight, but perfectly normal and healthy.


Crissy - June 16

Your baby sounds like a good weight to me! :-) My dd was 10 lbs 7 oz at birth and now at 8 months is 23 pounds, and boy is she heavy to carry around.. lol. When we go places, my dh has carry her most of the time because she wears me out! :-)


Bonnie - June 17

lol Amy...be thankful for what you have. You're baby is perfect ;)..............Mason is very tall so his weight matches his height. I find it amusing most of the time about how big he is. But it does have a bad side. As YC said, it is hard carting his b___t around. His feet hang way out of his car seat and yet somehow he is supposed to fit into that thing until he is one year?? Yipes!


dedaa - June 17

My little boy is pretty big to he is 7 months and almost 22 pounds but he is tall as well he is 28 inches long he is big. When I am out with him people think that he is alot older then what he is too. then I just tell them that he gets it from his father who is 6­­­­ foot 5 and the shortest in his family so then they understand. He sure does not get it from me I am only 5 foot 5 I am pretty short at least I have felt that way since I met my husband and his family.


Nerdy Girl - June 17

Bonnie, is Mason already beyond the height and weight limits for his carseat? Henry reached the weight limit for our infant seat at 4 months, so we moved him to a rear-facing convertible seat. Sorry if that sound obvious, but I know this stuff was not obvious to me with my first baby! That is why I am mentioning it.


momster - June 17

your baby is perfect - don't worry!!! my son is 22 lbs at 7 months and he's 28.5 inches long - and for me (90lbs soaking wet and 5ft nothing) - it's quite a feat!!! the one thing i was upset about was moving him to a new carseat so soon - i loved using the carseat carrier to transport him... it made me feel like he was growing up so fast! and like a lot of the other moms said, people always comment on how big he is and think he's way older than he actually is... they give me weird looks because he's not walking yet and looks like he should be... don't worry - i'm sure your baby girl is doing just fine :)


Bonnie - June 17

Nerdy Girl, honestly I am not sure?? I didn't even know they had rear facing convertables so I am glad you posted that! I was under the impression they ahd to stay in those seats no matter how big they were unless they were a year.



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