I Want To Chew On Carpet Literally

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k.p.j.e. - January 28

Ok...I already submitted this question but no one ever answered it. It's not about "baby care" exactly...but I think this is the forum that gets the most attention...so I know there is this thing called "pica" some women get when they're pregnant, like cravings to eat dirt or chalk, etc. and mine is that I want to lick and suck on actual carpet!!! I have a 14 month old son and when I was pregnant with him it was the same story. Now I'm 27 weeks and I have to scrub my mouth with my toothbrush to get any kind of relief!!! Very disturbing. Anyone have any similar experiences? Would really like to know!


ash2 - January 28

I have heard of this, so you really need to call your doc because you have a level in your body that is really low ( maybe iron ??) and you need to get medicine for it quickly !!


Kara H. - January 28

Yes, you are very deficent in something. Tell you doctor. Don't worry, they have already heard everything.


k.p.j.e. - January 28

OMG...you guys answered so fast...I will definitely call my dr. on Monday...I didn't realize it was that serious. Thanks for the help--btw--do you guys know anyone personally that went through this? Specifically with carpet? Did they need iron supplements? Just wondering...I will call my dr. asap still...


olhdw101 - January 28

I never heard of this before but it does put me at ease a little. When I was pregnant with my second dd I had this unbelievable urge to bite people, I actually bit my husband on the arms a lot, I would look at him and just reach over and bite him out of the blue, he though I was going crazy, so did I. Just the feeling of the flesh on my teeth was somewhat satisfying. Great, now I sound like a cannibal... lol


k.p.j.e. - January 28

Ha ha, olhdw...thanks for telling me that, I feel a little better now. That's so funny. Did you ever tell your dr. about it? I am brushing my teeth (and tongue, and roof of my mouth) right now as I type. I don't do it constantly, just twice a day. When I brush normally. At least it's helping me make sure I do my before-bed brushing every nite


olhdw101 - January 28

No, I never told anyone. It never dawned on me that there could have been a deficiency somewhere. I always figured it would pa__s, it did. My poor husband, for some crazy reason I liked doing it when he was sleeping...I just couldn’t control myself, he’d start screaming then I’d start screaming “I’m sorry” hahahaha.


flower.momma - January 28

Wow, scary! Hehehe. I had low iron levels when preggers and craved the smell of wet concrete. My dad was building a house and I would go over there and just inhale. It was like smelling fresh-baked cookies.


K8 - January 28

My grandmother needed to eat chalk and my mum craved rubber, and she used to go to the bike shop so she could pull the little pokes of rubber off the new tyres and eat it. My dad used to catch her at the car sales yard for the same reason ??? luckily i didnt follow the tradition. :)


aurorabunny - January 28

So I guess "Eat me!" has a whole different meaning if you say it to olhdw101....LOL!! I'm sorry that was corny, I couldn't help myself...I'm in a goofy b___t mood today, you can e-slap me if you want to. =)


k.p.j.e. - January 28

That is hilarious...all you guys have pretty funny stories... I guess this is pretty common after all. No other carpet-munchers though? (you know what i mean!!!!) Anyway I'm looking forward to getting the dr.'s opinion on this and getting it out of my system...there is a tiny little rip in the carpet in my living room and I'm always eyeing it thinking how good it would feel in my mouth...also, if I go to Home Depot or something I want to go to the carpet samples and just bury my whole face in them...almost sounds like it's a s_xual thing but it's totally not! K8 I can really relate to your mom's tire problems! :)


sahmof3 - January 28

OMG... I thought I was the only one. I totally craved carpet lol. I still do and my baby is 18 months old. Obviously not so much that I'd actually eat it, but I can't get enough of the smell of new carpet and I want to take a bite! I WAS anemic during pregnancy and also had low platelets. Don't know if my wanting to eat carpet was related, but you might as well get checked out.


sahmof3 - January 28

I think it''s called PICA... wanting to eat non-food items.


Jenn - January 28

hi-towards the end of my last pregnancy-I ate trays of ice-I actually bought a big bag and ate it all in a day!! After giving birth, I kept asking the nurse for gla__ses of ice and finally the testedto see if I was anemic and sure enough! I tore up my back teeth from it. :(


k.p.j.e. - January 28

sahmof3---thanks for the reply!!! I was wondering if I was the only one. It sounds like it's so common! The weird thing is I took iron supplements while pregnant the 1st time, but still had the carpet thing. This time I think I need to test for anemia.


MamaZilla - May 11

It's good to hear someone else experienced similar changes. I am undoubtedly obsessed with my hubby, and for some reason he let's me do whatever I please to him lol - sniff him like a puppy, curl up under him just to feel him, I fall asleep listening to his heartbeat. But worst of all, I bite him espicially his chin lol. I didn't tell my doc about the biting (too embarrassed) but I did ask about my blood work and any deficiencies. She showed me my results- I actually am fine- but I kinda still want an answer to my obsession. 



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