I Want To Get A Tattoo For Ava Advice

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LollyM - April 29

I decided a while back that I want to get a tattoo for Ava =) I have a few ideas, but I am wanting some opinions about placement etc. I am thinking about a bird (not sure what kind yet) or a poppy flower. The bird would symbolize Ava's name (it means bird/flight in German) and also symbolizes her coming into my life. The poppy is her birth flower. I think it might be nice to actually combine the two and have the bird holding the flower in it's beak. I don't want it to look to cartoony, or too realistic, but classy and not with too much color. I'd like it to be in a place that I can show off easily, or hide if needed but not that makes me look like a biker lol. Now that y'all know my criteria, have any suggestions? I am getting a brain fart trying to piece it together any more =P Oh, I also already have a tattoo on the right side of my very lower back/ upper butt cheek so I don't want the two to clash =)


k.p.j.e. - April 29

How sweet! :) Ava is a beautiful name. Btw, have you ever heard the term "Tramp Stamp." It refers to a tattoo in the small of your back, right above your b___t, where many so-called "s___tty" girls get tattooed. lol I always thought if I got a tattoo, I would want one there, but no after hearing that!! Your current tattoo isn't a tramp stamp, fyi, it has to be in the center lol. Anyway I think that a poppy flower tattoo would be really pretty and cla__sy, but also a little s_xy because it's feminine. What about on your left shoulder?


Connor AND Isaacs Mom - April 29

As far as placement..My tattoo is on my left shoulder blade. It's easy to cover it if i need to-even when i'm wearing a tank-top... and it's also easy to show off if i want to. And as for the flower and bird, I'd get one or the other.. To me, if you got both (like your idea of having the bird carrying the flower in it's beak.. it's a little redundant.. like saying "Ava Ava"...).. but that's just my opinion. I do think it's a very cute idea though!! I'd go with the Poppy flower on one of your shoulder blades or on your ankle (you can put it on the inside of your ankle, so it's a little more discreet).. just let the tattoo artist that you want the poppy to look cla__sy and s/he'll draw up different samples.


Connor AND Isaacs Mom - April 29

Oh, and you should also think about if you're going to ever get any other tattoos. That's something my tattoo artist mentioned to me when I told him to put mine on my shoulder blade. Having it there basically means I can't get anything else tattooed on my back without risking something looking out-of-place or unbalanced.


Connor AND Isaacs Mom - April 29

oh.. haha.. i'm an idiot.. i just re-read your post and saw you said that you already have one on the right side of your lower back. I definately think your left shoulder blade (to keep things balanced) or your ankle.


LollyM - April 29

lmao kpje! I wanted a tatt there too until I heard that and noticed so many girls with it! That's why I got my current tatt on the side instead of the middle (it is a heart with an arrow through it that is meant to look kind of old school). you're both right, the left shoulder would be nice. CAIS, I was worried about it being kind of redundant too, and looking to cluttered. I want it to look a little more simple. I was also thinking about having just the poppy on my forearm so I can look at it and cover it with a long sleeve if I must (I would only have to cover it on rare occasion) I do want to get a tatt on my left wrist at some point though, so it would probably have to be my right forearm and then I would have two tatts on the right side until I get the one on the left side. I'm not sure if it would look unbalanced since it is on different sides of the body though. So many things to think about! If you don't mind my curiosity, what tattoo do you have CAIM?


Connor AND Isaacs Mom - April 29

I have a cross. I pretty much grew up in church and even though I'm not much of a church goer anymore, I still feel that church/being a Christian is still a big part of me. I always wanted a tattoo that meant something to me and having the cross reminds me of who I am. Someday, I'm going to get my kids names (or something that represents them.. I hadn't thought about using something OTHER than their names to represent them until I read your post!! lol) but I'm not sure where or what now... haha.. I guess I have some thinking to do as well!!


JenniferB - April 29

I am planning on getting a b___terfly with each of my boy's names on each wing. I all ready have a fairy on my chest that my husband drew. I would get the bird. The "tramp stamp" spot would be the easiest to hide. lol


ILoveMyFam - April 29

forget what 'people' say...I have a quote : tramp stamp...it's a tribal heart and above it is the meaning of my name : worthy of love in script. I love the placement...it's easy to cover up and I have another tat on the back of my neck...it looks balanced and both are easy to cover. I saw a bird tat on Miami Ink (you should get the tat there if you can! they do AMAZING work) and it was above the woman's hip bone on her side, it was really pretty. I also have a tat really low on my stomach (right above my pubic bone) it barely shows in a bikini and it didn't stretch out at all while iwas pregnant and I got huge!


Kristin11 - April 29

I have 2 tatoos and they are both very easy for me to conceal. one is on my lower back and the other is on my ankle. My one on my lower back is a fairy with her head resting on her knees sitting in flowers it is on my right side. the one on my ankle is a flower and b___terfly with tribal design it is on the left ankle. I had them done before my kids but i am thinkign about adding my kids names to them.


jenrodel - April 29

I have a tattoo for Cooper... it is a traditional / old school swallow on my left shoulder blade with a banner that says "COOPER". If you are into traditional the swallow is definitely nice... you could maybe do a banner with your daughters name and the artist could easily work in some poppy's to accent the banner etc. If you know of a decent tattoo artist simply give him or her your ideas and they can usually draw up something really nice based on what you want :)


k.p.j.e. - April 29

Lol! oh btw, no offense to those of you with a so called tramp stamp, I still think tat's look good there! I am really just too much of a weenie to get one at all! It's just a dumb stereotype, you know how those are.


punkin01 - April 29

Connor AND Isaacs Mom i am with you on a tat for my kids but i cant decide what i want....i thought about little footprints 2 sets of blue and 1 set of pink to represent my 2 sons (one due in may 07) and daughter but i dont know placement or 100% that i want footprints but i do want something to show my kids........maybe someone will give a good idea soon ...will keep reading


Mellissa - April 29

Chad and I both for 4 leaf clovers with an "R" in it for Rylee. Mine is on my left shoulder blade. We can't decide what to get for Diesel now though. I also have two other tattoos on my back..on the right and left lower sides.


Danielle19 - April 29

I have my zodiac sign on my left wrist and i am thinking about getting jordans on mt right wrist, i love my wrist tatto, you can hide it or show it off, i also have a cross on my ankle and might get his name by that, and then i have a little design thing on my lower back, but i love wrist tattos, but i don't know if a bird would look good there but a flower might


shelly22 - April 29

Hello! I got my sons name tattooed in the middle of my back. I love it there, it's between my neck and my bra strap (thats the best way to describe it!! ) Did you decide yet what you are going to do?


DB - April 29

Oh, no, I'm a tramp!!! I have the "tramp stamp!!" Ooops, guess it was the "in thing" when I got my tattoo, LOL.



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