I Want To Jump From The Window

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MaineMom - January 17

I am so sleep deprived (spelling?). My 8wk old barely slept last night, and she will only sleep today if I am holding her (yes, she is crying in the background as I type this). My 2 year old is exploding with energy, yet needs to be with mom all the time. I have no time for myself. From the minute I wake up in the morning to the minute we sleep it's craziness. There is always something or someone that needs my attention. It's hard to even find time to take a shower and brush my teeth each day. I love my little ones so much, I would not trade motherhood for anything. I would just kill for a day to myself, ya know? I'm just frustrated, and No I am not really going to jump through the window. The thought does cross my mind MANY times a day though :) ! Anyone else stressed with life?


tiffani - January 17

Oh yeah girlfriend, I can relate.I have a 11 week old, a 2 year old (who is in the terrible 2's - full force) and an energetic 3 1/2 year old. Everyday is a hectic day at our house. I keep sane by taking a day off once in awhile. Hubby or my mom watches the kids and I go out shopping, to the movies, and out to eat. If I didn't have this to look forward to I woud simply explode. Can you get someone to help you with the kids so you can have some "mommy time?" Is your 2 yr old napping? If so, try to coordinate the kids naps so that you can have some peace and quiet every day at that time. Hang in there! :o)


angela - January 17

i go thru the same thing with my 9 month old. i only have her but she's a handful. she has separation anxiety i think because everytime i put her down and go to the next room she cries her head off. even if i put her down to play she climbs all over me. right now she's under my chair...lol i wish i had mommy time also but i cant. my Biggest wish is to go to sleep and not to wake up until 11am!!!! i know i'm just dreaming.


lynnstress - January 17

I completely understand and empathize. My son is 4-1/2 weeks old, first child, and I'm a stay at home mom. My baby blues are *almost* gone entirely. This past Saturday was great for me - hubby had plans, so I took baby over to my sister's; we were going to go shopping. My niece said she had a ton of homework, so she would babysit! We got to go shopping and out to lunch. Then we took everyone over to our parents house for dinner and an evening of playing cards and everyone else wanting to tend to baby. I really needed that day! I'm almost 39 years old and we're thinking of 1 or 2 more babies, so I'm trying to figure everything out with the one first!


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 17

OK. My daughter decided she needs my constant attention and it was wearing me out completly! She is 20 months old. I have started taking her to toddler groups. You still don't get time to yourself, but it's great to watch them play and you get to talk to other adults who have been in the same situation as yourself! I take her to 3 a week, and she goes in a chreche on a Monday afternoon for 2 hours while I do face painting cla__s. I used to stay at home a lot, and she got bored. Also walking to the groups could get your baby off ot sleep, so you don't need to keep holding her. Being out all day tires them out too. I try not to let my daughter nap, so she is in bed for 7pm every night.


jg - January 17

Poor you. Can your partner give you a few hours break?? Or ANYONE? Even if you had to use a child care centre or something just to give you a break! maybe even regularly!! Wow I'm so lucky at the moment. My seven month old is so incredibly easy and doesn't stress me at all, but I do realise that those times are to come!! Good luck - you did the right thing venting on here!!


Jbear - January 17

I've been there before...it will get better in a month or so. Do you have a baby swing? My 2nd baby didn't start liking the swing until she was almost 2 months old...now she falls alseep the second she's in there. For your 2 year old...nobody ever admits sticking their kid in front of the tv with a video on, but that's the only way I ever get a break sometimes.


Meredith - January 17

I will admit to putting my daughter in front of the TV. I have like 8 hours or more of Dora stored in the DVR. Whenever I want peace from my 2 yr old, I put on an hour's worth of Dora. It is constantly recording new episodes.


karen - January 17

Oh yea. I have been up since 1 am this morning. May have slept a total of 1 hour.


MaineMom - January 17

Well, it sounds like I am not alone. thanks for all the support and encouragement. Lesley- I will have to look into toddler groups because I know my son would love it. I know the library does storytime, and I should really make it a point to bring the kiddos. Tiffani- your days "off" seem heavenly! I do have a supportive dh, he just doesn't have the patient with out little one like I do (she is colicy and fusses a lot), so I feel guilty about leaving the kids with him for any length of time. Well, I'm off to bed... I feel like I am typing and my sentences aren't even making sense because I really am that tired... thanks for listening everyone!



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