I Would Appreciate Your Advice Ladies

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Jennifer - November 23

HI everyone, I'm due Dec 15th with my first child. My question for you all is what positions worked best for you in labor? I've been doing alot of reading and I don't want to lie there flat on my back with my feet in stirrups. Did anyone try laboring on your side, squatting, or hands and knees? Did anyone try something different with a second or third labor that worked better than your fist? I would appreciate your advice, and can't wait to join the forum with my new baby boy!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 23

Congratulations Jennifer! My name is Rachael and I have a 3 month old baby boy named Lucas! Well, I did my labor natural, and before I went to the hospital while my contractions were only 10 min apart, I walked and walked. I was 6 days late so I wanted to get the party started! When I went to the hospital, my contractions were still no too bad, but since I was in a triage room, I was not able to get up. When they moved me into a l&d room when one became available, they broke my water and the contractions were intense! They told me I could walk, use a birthing bar, sit, lie down, get in the shower, but I could not get out of bed! I did a combo of sitting up or laying. I switched side to side so my dh could ma__sage my lower back during a contraction and spent a lot of time with a death grip on the bed rails! He was born 3 hours after my water was broken and it went fast, so it seemed. I really could not find one position that was more comfortable, just kept moving around trying to find one. Good Luck to you!


Mommy - November 23

Hi and congrats! I have 2 baby boys and I remember my labor...decently. The hospital wouldn't let me labor on my back only. They would make me turn to my sides every 5 minutes or so. It seems like everytime the pain got a little eased, they made me turn to my other side. Anyway goodluck to you and your soon to be little one. :o)


Christy - November 23

Jennifer- I just had my first on 11/7. Because I had an epidural, I could not do any pushing in any position but on my back or side. I did get to play tug of war during the pushing phase, and that seemed to make pushing easier, if that is possible. :) However, before I got the epi, I found the birthing ball and my hubby rubbing my back to be really helpful with pain management. Walking was not fun for me, which was suprising b/c I thought I would like walking. Just be open to try anything because what you think you will like or think will be comfortable may not be when you are in labor. Congratulations and good luck!


Toya - November 23

Hi Jennifer! I know you're excited! Congratulations! Well, I went into labor exactly on my due date, which was May 8th, 2005. (Mother's Day) I had a natural v____al birth. No medicine! I was in labor for 4 hours and I pushed for 15 minutes. During the labor I was mostly squatting on a birthing ball and rocking from side to side. When it was time to push, I pushed on my right side. My daughter weighed in at at 8lbs 2oz. First apgar score was an 8, the second apgar score was a 9. What worked best for me was keeping in mind that the pain was healthy and temporary!


Karen - November 23

Congrats .My labor had to be induced. I was in labor for 11 1/2 hours and my baby was 4 weeeks early. Now that everything is ok and he is a perfect 3 month old I thank God he came early cant image having a bigger baby (5 lbs 10 ozs.) My delivery was normal and I had to get a slit for my baby to pa__s through. I forgot everything in child brith cla__ses ( waste of time for me). It was hard for me to walk around ( I was told that the baby comes down quicker. I had pain in my back and all around my belly and legs. I will never complain about cramps again. For my lying down seem to ease my pain and my side was most comfortable . Having someone rub my back work too. If you have the opition take pain releif I was unable I went from 2 cm dilated to 9 cm in two hours. He came half hour after that. All the the best


Heidi - November 23

Standing up and leaning on the towel rack in the bathroom! But then they had to do an internal monitor on me me and I had to lay on the bed and that was agony!!!!


d - November 23

I was induced and made sure I had epidural! I could hear other women screaming from other rooms and I was scared of going through that. I wasn't quit lying but sitting up on the bed and my feet were on my husband hip and the nurse's hip instead which was soft to lean on only. I did not push with feet in labour.


April - November 24

I had natural childbirth. It hurt of course but it was a great experience. My best position was on a birth/exercise ball. I sat on it pretty much the whole time rocking and bouncing, it was very comfortable. I tried to focus on visualizing the baby coming further down with each contraction. To push I used a birthing stool to rest on between contractions and when I was pushing I squated. Everytime I said it hurts my midwife kept telling me the harder you push the sooner it will be over. With my first baby's labour I was laying on the bed pushing but nothing happened until I got up to squat. Good luck with your labour and congrats on new baby!


Jennifer - November 27

Thank You all for you stories. I'm now armed with a lot of good advice. My friends just had her baby Nov. 3rd and they made her lie on her back the entire time and she said it was awful. Her natural instinct was to move around. Also I haven't even had my baby yet and I've already forgotten everything I learned in the childbirth cla__s. Can't remember if the breathing pattern is Hoo Hoo Hee or Hoo HAA Hee. I'm just going to go with my natural instincts. Thanks!!!!!!!!


Jennifer - November 27

P.S. I just want to state that I am NOT the same Jennifer that keeps whining about favoratism. Maybe I need to come up with a cute screen name.


Lesley - November 27

I tried it kneeling when I was having my daughter and it hurt more than any other position! When you on your back here you don't have stirrups unless you need help with the delivery (forceps or vacc_m). I found it easy to lie on my back and hold onto the top of my legs, with each push I would pull my legs. It was tons easier, and less painfull. Also baby was out within 9 mins.



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