I Would Like EVERYONES Opinion

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HannahBaby - March 1

I need help naming the Family Daycare that im going to be starting in my house. Im going to be a registered business so i need a name.....Need Some Help Ladies!!! Thanks!


Lisastar9 - March 1

Hannah and Jacob's Place


sahmof3 - March 1

Erin's House Child Care...


LisaB - March 1

Aren't you moving?? Um I will think of names do you ant to be silly and fun or more serious?


flower.momma - March 1

Fun, my sister did daycare for a while, and her name was "Jen's quality childcare". Not too creative. Hmmmm, I would do something cute and happy. How about "Little Friends" or "Sunny Days". Something sweet like that. Or you could do something that reflected your house. I remember you saying that you had a log cabin. How about "little cabin in the woods" or just "Little Log Cabin Childcare." Also, what are your pet's names? You could have ______'s house. Or your favorite flower. I don't know. Have fun, it's tough. I've done it before and it can be trying. But it is a great way to make an income. My sister was a single mom of two boys for years and was able to support everyone.


AshleyB - March 1

Cherished Hearts Daycare


Danielle19 - March 1

hannahbear childcare, or sillygoose childcare, little angels childcare


Lanaya - March 1

Little Munchkins ....... (whatever you wanna call it, child care etc.)


mandee25 - March 1

Little giggles, Small wonders, Tiny toes, ???


HannahBaby - March 1

mandee i was thinking "tiny toes nursery"


Mellissa - March 1

i like that... "tiny toes nursery" it definitely has a ring to it!


mandee25 - March 1

Cute!! That was just off the top of my head. lol


ssmith - March 1

I am NOT suggesting this one....but I read it somewhere, and it made me laugh. It was a childcare place of some kind called "Absorbant Minds." It made me think of Maxi pads or Depends, or something LOL.. This post reminded me of it. Seriously, I like Tiny Toes though....that's sweet sounding.


ashtynsmom - March 1

Jack & Jill Daycare, Under the Rainbow, Adventure Land, H & J's Place to Play


KLC - March 1



Dia_ - March 1

La Pet_te!!


SuzieQ - March 1

Is there anything "special" or different that you will be offering? E.g. - if you speak french "Les Pet_tes" would work into it, or if you offer organic snacks "wholesome hearts" or something.....



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