I Yell At My Baby

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Liz - December 7

FF- if your husband was my husband I would have killed him by now. BUt my husband is not that much better. He sticks around and helps out but he b___hes about it the whole time and it drives me nuts


Narcissus - December 7

I feel very fortunate. My DH gets home and takes Aja for the night. He gives Aja his dinner and bath. It's not a long night for DH bc my son goes to bed at 8pm, but it helps, nonetheless. It gives me time to clean after dinner.


monica - December 7

my husband helps but he always does everything wrong!!!!


FF - December 7

I've thought about it believe me! I love him to death but I swear to you he is going through some kind of mid life crisis- and he's not even 30! We've been married five years and this past year has been SO hard! It's like he turned into a teenager or something... but I knew him when we were teens and he wasn't this bad! Sheesh!


amanda.d - December 7

I am in the same boat with the lack of DH thing. He works from 9pm until 9am this week and then sleeps til 5pm. I feel like a single mom at times with four kids. I usually just lay my baby down and come on here for a few minutes, its almost as good as Calgon, lol. So try to "steal" a break. And I agree with the yell at something else thing. good luck!


Narcissus - December 7

You could always come here and take the anger out on CMJ... just a thought:) HeHe.


to karen - December 7

My hubby leaves for work at 5am and doesn't return till 6:30 or 7pm. Eats dinner, Then he spends some time with her, then I shower with her, he takes her and gives 1 bottle, she naps on him, then he is off to bed around 9:30. So ya, I am with her all day except about 2 hours& I wouldn't trade this experiance for anything! They are only little once & I wanta soak it all up. And Im not saying Liz is less of a mother, i did say it can be fusturating. I just cant imagine getting to the point of anger, yelling and swearing at a helpless infant. Babies cry when they need something. Its our jobs to find out what.


Lani - December 7

I havn't yelled at my baby yet...but I have wanted to and holding it in was very hard. Sometimes I think silently "I wish he would just shut up" I don't say it but I think it and he can feel my anger. Heather, you must have an easy child and god has blessed you. On the other hand my son is extremely challenging and needy and sometimes I just want to pull my hair out. I'm sure you can't imagine yelling at your child because you never get to the point wear you just can't take it and that's a good thing. But you first and second posts come off alittle high and mighty and many other women have disagreed with you and praised liz for coming forth. Most women on this forum have said that they understand how she can get to that point............which means they are all having a much different experience then you.


Liz-- - December 7

When you start to lose your cool, head to another room for a quick break. If you smoke, go have a cig and come back. Just leave the baby in a safe spot crying. If you get frustrated in front of him, he'll become more upset and the cycle will continue. The one thing that helps me is constantly reminding myself he's helpless and crying is his only way to communicate. There's something he wants/needs and is trying to tell you. Sometimes the cause isn't easy to determine, could even be in pain. It's really hard, but it doesn't last forever. Hang in there.


Christy - December 7

Liz- I, for one, am glad you came forward. I almost had a similar post after the incident I described above. I think it took a lot of courage for you to come forward and admit this problem you're having. It is good you recognize it's an issue and that you want help. Are there any moms-of- infants support groups in your area that you can go to? That is something else I am thinking of doing. Another thought for you is- what did you do to b__w off steam prior to baby? A lot of people do exercise, clean, work on their house, etc to alleviate stress. I feel better if I can clean a little bit. Make a little time- even 10-15 minutes to do something stress-relieving for yourself.


Liz-- (Me Again) - December 7

Heather, I forgot to respond to your comment about "learning to communicate better". I have three children and it's not always easy to know what babies want/need. Some babies have different cries for different things and others don't, makes it very difficult. If Liz didn't care she wouldn't be asking for advice.


Steph - December 7

Liz, if you know that your baby is not hungry, dirty diaper, sick, teething, etc...there is nothing wrong with putting him in his crib for 10-15 minutes while you collect yourself. No one said that being a parent is easy, and depending on the person it can be quite overwhelming. Next time you are getting too stressed out, you need to put him in his crib, shut the door and step outside for some fresh air or something else that will get you away from him for a few minutes. It can be very frustrating when you don't know what's wrong with your baby and when you start to loose your patience. Good luck to you and your little one.


monica to FF - December 7

I hope I dont sound rude...but you said you were married for 5 years. Are you the one that is 19 years old....I think you said you were a teen.


Jbear - December 7

By the time your babies are 3, every one of you will have yelled at your child a couple of times...it just happens. It's really frustrating when a baby is just crying and crying, and you've already gone through everything you know to do, food, diaper, cuddling, swing, temp because something must be wrong if they're screaming like that...and nothing works and nothing you can see is wrong with the baby. How many of us grew up without our parents yelling at us at all? Probably none. I wouldn't worry terribly much about yelling at the baby a few times...you're not doing anything to harm him physically and by the time he's really old enough to remember things he will have learned to communicate with you. (And then you will still yell now and then, when he does something you just can't believe. My daughter occasionally yells "Oh dammit!" when she spills something on the rug...I guess y'all can guess where she learned it)


Narcissus - December 7

I think it's perfectly normal and probably a good idea to let a 6 month old cry it out in the crib. I always let Aja cry for a bit, if I know he is overly tired or just plain old fussy. I want him to learn some coping techniques. If there is a reason he's crying, I will know it in a second. Usually he is just being a b___t.


*leslie* to Christy - December 7

Christy I am hope you don't take this wrong but I couldnt stop laughing when I saw your post about the baby shetting 3 feet off the changing table LOL!!! I can imagineThat is soo funny.. my baby did something similar once and I was soo frustrated but now that I think about it , I think it was very funy. :)



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