I Yell At My Baby

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*leslie* to Christy - December 7

Christy I am hope you don't take this wrong but I couldnt stop laughing when I saw your post about the baby shetting 3 feet off the changing table LOL!!! I can imagineThat is soo funny.. my baby did something similar once and I was soo frustrated but now that I think about it , I think it was very funy. :)


C - December 7

Mine has done some 'shooting' as well, just not as far. He got me twice in a row. He doesn't seem to do that anymore, but I still move off to the side when removing diapers.


to liz - December 7

liz i dont want you to feel bad about what you have done, but realize you have to change this...when your son gets older it WILL get harder and you have to learn to control your feelings you can not yell at him like that when he is 2 or . the best thing to do is walk away...put him in the crib and walk away, take a break away it will not hurt him to cry...also maybe you should think about are you meant to stay home with him? some women are not cut out to stay at home with their children and sometimes they are meant to work and the baby would be better in child care? just a suggestion...good luck


Heavenly - December 7

Narcissus, you are a good Mommy ;o) Aja is so cute. I love the pic of him with food all over his face.


Heavenly - December 7

My baby is 6 months also and I feel your pain liz. She has two teeth that are cutting her little gums and she is miserable. When she cries I do everything in my power to please her but I tend to get really frustrated and even depressed if I can't ease her pain. The breather works...so does crying, lol. On top of the baby being frustrated I have a house full of animals that demand attention too so sometimes I can feel torn. Luckily they are grown and don't bother me too much and seem to be understanding when it comes to the baby. Anyway, I think it is a good idea for you to have some "you" time...if you are able. Good lick and keep us updated.


Heavenly - December 7

I mean good LUCK! Geez! I really need to proof read! I apololgize.


ally - December 7

Liz i am a single mum now so noone knows how hard it can be better than myself, i have gotten frustrated with my daughter, i go outside, have a ciggie, get myself together, its normal to be somewhat impatient at times but i agree with heather with comments u make such as what the f is wrong with u etc, i couldn't do it no matter how mad i am, she isnt condemming u losing it, we all do but its what we do when we lose it. I am gonna put my daughter in daycare one day per week next yr, i can't overly afford it but i deserve some time to me... once a week my mum has her, friends have her if needed, i have a very settled baby and i do hope it gets easier for you. As you read u aren't alone but u need to walk out of that room like i do, go outside and calm down. Put ur child in daycare one day per week, it sounds like it would help you. I sound like i am trying to fob her off, she is the best baby i must admit, extremely settled and i am blessed especially cause i am alone now but we all need me time and it sounds to me like u arent getting enuff of it, do u still go out with ya partner on weekends, u still need a life from time to time baby free. I just worry and plz dont think i am exaggerating that if u are screaming out shutup and what the f is wrong with you, what will be next? You seriously need to stop this cause its not good for either of you. Is your baby crying cause they are scared, they sense tension, i dont wanna get bashed for saying that but it all plays a part with a screaming child. If you are losing it they will in turn lose it even more.


ally - December 8

Hey liz, i re read my comment to you and it may have come across really bad, it wasn't meant too. I only agree with one thing heather said, regarding the yelling bit, the communicate better part was not relevant to this if u are talking about a 6 mth old like i have also. I know its hard cause its hard for me too but do think about day care or something so u can get some time to yourself, try not to yell and such cause i am sure it would frighten him, hang in there ...


? - December 8

http://parenting.ivillage.com/newborn/ncrying/0,,lz_6r6b,00.html (Here's some tips that might be worth trying. Take out any dashes in the address.)


To Ally - December 8

You're right though, the more you lose the more baby will lose it. Taking a break and coming back calm and loving (very comforting) should help. Maybe not right away, but eventually the baby will find security in your arms. Best wishes, Liz.


To Ally - December 8

I'm amazed how single mums cope at all! I'm very lucky, although I am alone during the day, I have a husband who's a very hands on dad, and my parents often take Nadya for me, so I can have a break, and yet still I find myself tearing my hair out sometimes! I'd never survive on my own, so the fact that so many women do, never ceases to amaze me! - Lissi


Liz - December 8

My baby finds security in my arms and sometimes that is a problem. He wants to be held all the time...I can barely go to the bathroom with out crying and sometimes I sit him on my lap while I go just to avaid listening to the whining. He doesn't go to my husband very well he just want me all the time and I never get a second to just sit and eat lunch or even shower sometimes. I've gone 2 days with out brushing my teeth...and once he gets going it can be difficult to stop him. He was a fussy colicy baby form the beginning and I had anticipated a relaxed baby since my husband is pretty laid back. Unfortunantly I am not laid back...I'm a type A gotta get everything done right now and it has to be perfect, kind of person. I think my son is similar and somtimes I even feel like your personality's are clashing already. He wants and likes things the way I like them but we can't both get what we want and I find myself sacrificing to the point were I am turning him into a spoiled child. For those of you that don't beleive he can be spoiled at this age...I stronghly disagree....this boy know exactly what to do and has me firmly wrapped areound his little finger. He is a beautiful sweet snuggly baby who loves me more then anything and anyone and I love him the same way..... but he's got some bad habits. Maybe I've created them I don't know, he's just naturally and has always been a very challenging child.


Jamie - December 8

Oh, they absolutely can be spoiled at this age! My daughter is 4 months and can already throw a temper tantrum. In fact, right now she is shrieking because although she is in my lap I won't let her bang on my keyboard.


LIz - December 8

My previous post sounds like I am trying to defend my self and I'm not. I just don't think I've fully explained the intensity of this situation. I feel horrable after yelling at him and the suggestions above are good ones. BUt I can't take any more free time to my self cause no one would be watching the baby. My husband takes 3 MBA cla__ses a semester so he is very frequently late...somtimes as late a 11pm. Then one the weekend he needs time to do his homework because he had no time during the week from working 8-6. My parents are not around this area and I dont' have any help or even visitors during the week. I feel isolated from the world sometimes, But when things are good around here they are so good. He can be an angel and when He's being snuggly or happily playing on the floor on his own I think how lucky I am to be here with him all the time and watch him grow up.


Jamie - December 8

Liz, I totally understand where you're coming from. My husband is in the military, stationed in Germany. I haven't seen my family since May. I am in a foreign country, and don't speak the language...Even if I go for walks, etc, it doesn't help the isolation, because I still can't TALK to anybody...I didnt' get very far trying to learn German before the baby was born, and now I have no time. I love my daughter so much but you go crazy not having any time to yourself


Narcissus - December 8

Can't wait for that Dr Phil. I love that show, especially when he has horrible people on it.



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