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aurorabunny - March 6

I don't mean this post to be TMI, but does anyone else here have Irritable Bowel Syndrome? If so, I was just wondering if there were any meds/alternative remedies that have worked for you? I have had IBS since I was a small child and it has gotten much worse lately then it has ever been. It's really starting to interfere with my everyday life (example: it's almost 3 AM and I can't sleep because I'm in too much pain, I have to be up in 4 hours....) and I'm tired of it ruining my days. I have recently tried Zelnorm from my doc and that didn't help. If anyone knows anything that works, please share!


LollyM - March 6

hmm, well, My aunt has IBS and takes a pill before every meal. I am sorry that I don't know what the pill is called, but maybe you can ask your doc about pills to take before the meal? Good luck, that must be aggravating! I have chronic reflux that I was born with and have allot of pain from it, so I know how you feel about stomach pain!


DeeJay - March 6

I had very bad IBS for years and used to take dyciclomine (sp?) before each meal which helped, and I always took at least 1 immodium before leaving my house. Stress always made it worse also. Then I went on Atkins diet, and while I am not a supporter of the diet for long term weight loss, it cured my IBS!!!! I have a sensativity to carbs, especially mixing carbs and protien. So after not eating carbs for a few weeks my IBS dissapeared!!! Now I have gradually started eating carbs again, and now I eat whatever I want, but the doctor said sometimes you need to reprogram your body,. and apparently that is what I did and didn't even know it. ( I also dropped 10 lbs, but I got that back!) Now I very rarely have any symptoms, and believe me I had it awfull, it totally disrupted my life, I totally understand.


torbman - March 6

I too had IBS, it was pretty bad in highschool. At that time I was also lactose Intolerent. Then when I got pregnant with the first child, I wasn't lactose Intolerant anymore. Must have been all the chemical changes. Anyways over the years I have found spices and coffee don't mix for me. I think diet has a big part to do with it. Also like DeeJay says stress makes it mush worse too. Believe me I know every washroom none available all the way to my parents which is 2 hours away. I would suggest that you take away different food groups for a week at a time and see how you reacct. Like take milk products away for a week, then try sugars and carbs. Little things like switching to decaf and limiting spices helped for me. Like if I intend on making a batch of chili, then I am not going anywhere for the night. Also you could try more ruff__ge. (I know no one likes that word hehe) Like salads with chicken for lunch or fish, and raisin bran for breaky. and lots of water. I believe that you should do things as natural as possible because I think like anything or any drug, your baody will get used to it then become so used to it that it won't work anymore. Check out a health food store. There is a book called "The Makers Diet" that is excellent too. It takes you right bacl to the basics. Removing pork products in our house was HUGE but what a difference I feel. (lets face it pigs will eat anything!) Anyways take care try some new things out. It may never go away but with little things you may be able to get to a point where its managable. Take care :)Tamara


aurorabunny - March 6

Thanks guys....over the years I have figured out a lot of what seem like "trigger foods" and try to avoid them. Cheese is a BIG one, but for some reason only baked cheese like on lasagna, pizza, etc. Sometimes ice cream as well...am wondering if I maybe have a little of the lactose intolerance like you did, Torbman. Well the doc is calling me in a rx today for Rifaximin (sp?) so I am hoping this well help. As Dee Jay said, stress is personally my biggest trigger for IBS and there has been a lot of it lately. It seems like I've had it for about a week straight now....so frustrating. Even this morning I still feel awful. =(


Shea - March 6

My mom has it, and she swears by Beano before every meal. It is a natural enzyme that helps you digest food properly.


baby-love - March 6

I was diagnosed with IBS in high school. What I have learned over the years is that dairy products can aggravate it. A person isn't necessarily lactose intolerant but your body doesn't like it for other reasons. Since I quit dairy, I rarely have a problem.


Danielle19 - March 6

i've had i since highschool, i use a stool softner everyday, and diet changes, also i have home enema's incase it gets really servere and i also like tums


LisaB - March 6

I used to have it sooooooooooooo bad, I knew every bathroom all over town, then I stopped taking all medications, tylenol,advil, anything I also stopped all caffine (except whats in chocalote, alcohol (another huge trigger) and started eating more fresh foods without preservatives and boom it was gone. Oh stress was a huge thing to trigger mine also so when I started yoga that really helped too. I feel for you its horrible I hope you are feeling better soon. You are not alone.


Nerdy Girl - March 6

I have no idea if this is even relevant, but my aunt spent her whole life thinking she had IBS (because thats what the docs told her) and just recently (at 50 years old) found out she had Celiac Disease the whole time. With some dietary changes (strict dietary changes though) she is doing great.


vonzo - March 6

Hey i have really bad bouts of IBS too. I found that changing my diet helped me LOADS! If i eat c___p i know i wont c___p which is pretty ironic really (sorry to be so cra__s) Also another thing i found was peppermint oil. It work wonders for me for the pain! You can get pills called Colpermin over the counter or you could go to a health food shop and get just peppermint oil capsules. The only thing about them is to NOT chew on them. Appaarently if taken "raw" it can damage your stomch lining but if taken in capsule form it gets digested just like any other food and is fine. I hope you find something that works, i know how horrible it is to have!! xx



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