Ick Up The Back Poopie Diapers

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Kara H. - March 1

Everytime Max has pooped the last two weeks, it has came out the top of the back of the diaper. I went ahead and moved to the next size up diaper since it was taller, but still having the same problem. I first thought it was because he was bouncing so hard in his exersaucer that he was swishing it up and out, then I thought it was sitting in his bumbo was causing the problem, but today he was in his stoller, slightly reclined and it still happened. So far Totally Toddler is getting out the stains in his clothes, but now I have to figure out how to clean his stroller. Any suggestions on stopping this problem?


ssmith - March 1

What about leaving a bit more space at the bottom? I don't know how else to explain it, but make them a little bit droopier in the crotch. I know when I put dd's diapers on too snugly between her legs, the poop will often come up & out the back. Good luck!


LisaB - March 1

I switched from Pampers to Target diapers and it stopped for us. Target has a handy little elastic on the back that has saved many outfits!!!


Emily - March 1

Yes, I have that problem when Marcy is in her walker thing or in the jump up. It is like the diaper is puched up against her and the poop has no where to go but out the back….I have no clue about the stoller, I wouldn't have thought him being in the stoller would have caused a poblme like that. So far I have only seen the problem with Marcy when she is sitting in an upright postion….Besides the bigger size, I can't help. I have tried being droppy in crotch but then she leakes out the side around her legs. If you find a solution, let us know!


LollyM - March 1

gross! lol, I've had this problem many times. In fact, Ava had a super up the back poopie this morning! like ssmith said, leaving more room in the crotch can help so there is more room for poop. don't leave too much room though, or you will have leaking in the leg area which sucks as well! Also, make sure the diaper is tight enough around the waist. I used to make Ava's diaper a little looser because I thought the tightness was bugging her, but it only resulted in bad leaks so I went back to making it tight again which helped =) good luck! and I feel for ya on those nasty diapers!


LollyM - March 1

Also, make sure to check his diaper really often and change it ASAP. If you get the poop right when it happens, it doesn't have time to leak =)


Kara H. - March 1

You know, I think I have been pulling them up really high trying to get more coverage in the back. I will try leaving more of a pocket tomorrow and see what happens. Hubby and I were discussing tightness tonight. The diapers always seem tight enough when we put them on, but this evening he was squiggling around in just his diaper and we were surprised how loose it got. So tonight's diaper was much tighter. Hopefully these two modifications will fix the problem. Thanks ladies!



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