Ideas For A Bday Party For A 1 Yr Old

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Sprinkles - March 1

Hi! My daughter will be one in the end of May ..I am trying to get a head start with planning a nice lil bday party for her and I am not sure what at that age she will really enjoy. Just wondered if anyone else did anything special or anything. I plan to give her a cake just for her to destroy lol but I wanted to throw her a bday party at this local zoo they have ..I just wonder if 1 is too young to enjoy the zoo .. I dont think so but her dad planted doubt into my head. Any suggestions are welcome! thanks!


DDT - March 1

Well, I do know that when I threw ds1's 1st birthday (he is currently 24 months old) he didn't really have a clue what was going on. He wasn't really interested in opening his presents either. It's the age...I think the party at this stage of their lives is more for our pleasure than for theirs. I took my ds1 to the zoo when he was 14 months old and he wasn't too interested in the animals. He did like looking at the some of the snakes and birds though...but again at that age they have limited attention span. So, my advice would be to throw her a party where ever and however you like but don't expect too much cooperation from her. They won't remember the party a couple of days later. hehe...have fun planning! as you know Jaxon is also turning 1 at the end of May and I plan on having an in-home party with a theme. I did the same with ds1.


gabby509 - March 2

Dawnie, I think teh zoo is a good idea. King loves staring at all of Fred's animals that we have living at our house, haha. He actually loves the snakes, like DDT said. For King's first b-day I'm not too sure what I'm gonna do yet either. I know the theme will be "A Royal Affair" since his name is King, haha. All the little girls are going to have little princess tiaras and the boys will have prince crowns. And King will have a huge crown, cause he's the King, haha.


fefer1 - March 2

sounds fun for everyone else - but they won't remember or really have a clue what's going on quite yet. Rachel just played with wrapping paper at her party - she had no idea what was going on. The cake she enjoyed though! 1st Birthdays are really for YOU - maybe even the second as well. I can't wait for 3!! :)


Sprinkles - March 2

I know she wont remember it .. i was just hoping she would get some momentary joy out of it lol I dont remember any of my bdays except maybe my last bday party which was when I was 15 LOL ! For chas I had a nice party when she was 2 I had blues clues come and it was in my parents yard it was a nice big party and she had a ball .. I already got violet tickets for sesame street for her bday gift. My yard is small so I was trying to think of another place she might like.. I guess I will see what I can afford and all I just want her to be aware of whats going on and have fun at least


tish212 - March 3

DD had her 1st b-day party in December. Since thats winter we had to do an inside party... but I will say she didn't understand it. We had to open her gifts for her pretty much, and she lost interest halfway through. We had a good time, I mean she was happy and LOVED the cake, and the pictures we got of her covered in chocolate icing were the cutest, so the cake will be a HUGE hit... I think it is with all kids! She is now 14 months and we just took her to an indoor playground with tunnels and slides and huge ball pits and she had a blast, but it was only 1 hour and a half before she was so exhausted she could barely keep her eyes open. so make sure to keep the party shorter, since it can be an exhausting experience... I am not sure that your lil one will appreciate the zoo in the way you would like BUT you know your child better than we do, so if you see her showing interest in things like that maybe it is a good idea...just dont expect too much. The b-days after this one, are the ones to plan BIG things for since the attention span is longer then.


jenna32 - March 3

yeah,she won't remember it,but new experiences are always good. It could be a waste of money,depending how you look at it i guess. If not, you could save money for next birthday.


Malica - March 3

I wouldn't bother with a full zoo, but if you have any small zoos near by, or even just a park. One of our local parks has a few animals. Takes about 20 minutes to see them all and that's more than enough. Kids that age will love the swings or going down the slide on your lap though, and it's better to stay closer to home for their first birthday -- too many people plan great outtings or invite a lot of people and the poor kid ends up being overwhelmed by it all and being miserable. I would just stop and ask yourself what your daughter would say she wants to do if she could tell you. (You'll have to wait a while before you find out what she enjoys because her preferences will change in the next few months).



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