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Christy - January 10

I got a preliminary piczo site up: www.shabby-poe.piczo.com


Christy - January 10

There should be a dash between shaby and poe.


The real Lissi - January 10

He's very cute Christy! Nadya has a warning label on her stroller too. Lol! How old is Ben now?


Shannon - January 10

cute!! he looks a lot like his daddy, i believe


Christy - January 10

He turned 9 weeks yesterday. I need to take some new pics b/c a lot of those are a few weeks old. Shannon- A lot of people say he looks like Steve with my eyes and mouth. I guess we'll see as he grows older. :)


Lisastar9 - January 10

No mistaking it you sure do know who the father is. Looks just like Dad.Good looking baby congradulations


Christy - January 10

Steve thanks you for your support of his paternity. :)


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 11

Augh! My work does not let me access any other pages of piczo sites besides the first page! I will look at Ben when I get to a real computer!


TC - January 12

Wow Christy, Ben sure does look like his daddy. Are you sure he hasn't been cheating on you and you're not the mama!!!!! j/k He is a cutie. It is also nice to put a face to the name.


Christy - January 12

Thanks, TC. It's funny hoe Ben resembles Steve so much bc Steve kept making paternity jokes througout my whole pregnancy. I always tease him about how there is no denying it now- Ben is his little guy. :)


Narcissus - January 12

Ben is adorable! When was he born? Also, I like having a face to go with a name. Great pictures:) Where do you live that you have so much snow?? I miss the winter weather...


Marys Jaime - January 12

Christy, he as so handsome! I thought Jaime was the most gorgeous one in the world. I guess he wil have to share the t_ttle with little Ben!


Christy - January 12

Narc- Ben was born 11/7/05 and we live near Cleveland, Ohio. We got a lot of snow between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it has been like early spring since NYE! Marys Jamie- Thanks for the compliment! I agree that Ben and Jamie are both pretty handsome little boys! :)


Jadyns Mommy - January 12

Ben is too cute! That Saturday Night Fever pic is awesome!


Christy - January 12

Thanks guys. My friend saw him today and thinks that he is going to be blonde since he has blonde roots and fuzz under his darker locks. (I guess that is what happened with her dd who is 18.5 mos. Should be interesting to see how it turns out.


Angela21 - January 12

aww he is adorable. i love his eyes



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