If You Dont Like Sex Talk Dont Read

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Felisha - February 11

i am having alot of trouble having s_x with dh. at first i didnt want to because of the pain and although it is still painfulll it isnt near as bad as it was. i am having a real problem orgasiming (sorry tmi) i am so frustrated with it and dh is being to doubt himself as a man. i dotn know if it all the changes my body has gone through or if it is my mind set. he even has a really hard time getting me to want to. did anyone else have this problem will it go away will i be able to enjoy s_x again. please help


Felisha - February 11



^lucy^ - February 11

are u on mini pills or birth control?


CyndiG - February 11

I'm the same way. I just don't want to. Even when we do it, I'm just trying to do the things he likes to rush him up... LOL! I think it's hormones. It will get better. My first dd is 8 and it took about a year to get back to normal. Carlie, dd # 2 is 7 months. I'm on the mini pill.....does that have anything to do with it lucy???


Lisastar9 - February 11

Breastfeeding can take away a person's s_x drive too.


SuzieQ - February 11

I think it's a total mind game on top of hormones. I had my dh read up on postpartum s_x while I was still pregnant so he knew what may be coming. My dd is 4 mos old, and thankfully I still want s_x, but it's sometimes hard to get in the mood. I have to stop worrying dd will wake up, the laundry can wait, etc etc. Good luck :)


ash2 - February 11

If you are on any kind of anti-deppressent you will take a VERY long time to climax. This goes the same with anxiety medicine. You will also lose your s_x drive...


k.p.j.e. - February 11

After my 1st was born I was really slow to get back i the mood, I felt ugly, exhausted, not to mention the physical pain, sore nipples from bf'ing, etc. Also I had a hard time really wanting to do it because I don't usually climax that way regardless. It's normal I think. But now my son is 15 months and I'm pregnant again so I am in the mood more...until #2 is born and then another 3 month drought...lol


Felisha - February 12

wow thhanks kara h. i wish i were that open about s_x. even posting threads about it makes me uncomfortable. thank you for the advice. i hope it helps


^lucy^ - February 12

cyndiG, im on minipill and i was having similar difficulties as felisha..then i was reading my minipill leaflet and found out that this was a side effect caused by birth controls!! im almost 9 months pp.. im getting an IUD soon!!


CyndiG - February 12

Lucy, what kind are you getting? I've thought about it, but I get headaches sometimes. It's a side effect of the pill for me. I've been on the pill FOREVER! I'm not against an IUD though. I think we are done, and I asked dh if he would think about having a vasectomy. I thought he was going to die right there on the couch! LOL!



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