If You Have Questions On Infant Care Feel Free To Ask Me

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Karrie - March 25

I am 17 (18 in 2 weeks). I don't have any biological children, and am not pregnant. I am young, but I have a lot of experience. A few months back, I babysat this little baby. She was 4 to 6 months when I babysat her. I babysat her up to nearly a week at a time. Although she was not mine, I took care of her with lots of love. I read several books, and got a lot of advice from my grandmother, to take care of her. I still have all that advice and information locked in my brain. I am willing to help anyone whom needs help with the care of their baby. Please, I am not on here to "flaunt" my experiance and knowledge of infant care in attempts to make others mad. I am just trying to help. :)


Um..... - March 25

I am 19, and just had my baby boy 5 days ago. I have been having trouble getting him to calm down. I know that babies are usually fussy, but when my baby starts cring, it's hard to get him to stop. He can cry for up to 15 minutes straight. I have tried feeding him, changing him, rockin him, singing to him, and burping him. I don't think he is colic. He sarted this just yesterday. Do you have any suggestions on how to calm him? Any help would be great. Thanks!


Karrie - March 25

To Um....., Try holding him against your shoulder and rocking softly while making a "Shhhh" sound, or bounce a tiny bit while holding him. My grandma told me these, she says it makes the baby feel like he is back in the whomb, because of the bounce, and the "Shhh" sounds from the whomb. I hope this helps. Best of luck to you. God Bless! :)


Young Momma - March 25

My baby is a few days older of one month old. I have b___st-fed her from the start, and I still do. Today when I tried to b___st feed her, it hurt like hell! It only had for the first few days....Is there any reason why this is happening again? I know you've never been pregnant, but is there anyway you can help me???


Karrie - March 25

Well, it's true I have never been pregnant. I have a friend of mine whom is 20 w/2 kids (a 2 year old and almost 9 month old). She b___st-fed her daughter, and is b___stfeeding her son too. She told me that if you ever get a pain in your b___st while b___stfeeding, it is most likely caused by the baby not latching on properly. If you talk to maybe your mom, or a dr. they will most likely be able to explain it to you. I am not really sure how to explain it myself. God Bless. :)


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 25

Young momma, how does it hurt? Is it just your nipples? Are they cracked, bleeding or blistered? Or is it your b___sts in general? If your b___st feel hard and hurt you may have a blockage in your milk ducts or you may just be too full and you will need to put a warm compress like a cloth or even go into the shower and gently ma__sage your b___sts to unclog the ducts, and express your b___st milk.


Young Momma - March 27

Thanks Karrie! I guess you were right cause now the pain is gone. It was just like a pinching pain by my nipple, I didn't think my baby could bite me, she is too young (does not have any teeth). Well, thanks again.


Ariana - March 27

my daughter is sick, she has stuffy/runny nose, coughing, the doc said to just use saline drops for her nose and get boogies out with a syringe, and to have a humidifier, but she is still sick, she is 2 mo. and i just feel really bad looking at her so sick, i dont know what to do. Any suggestions??


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 27

Ariana, I know how you feel! My daughter had horrible allergies on top of a slight cold. The truth is that the saline drops and the boogie sucker (nasal aspirator) is the only thing that you can really do. By giving your child something like a cold or antihistamine would only get ride of the symptoms for a short while and wouldn't cure them. And you don't want to be pumping your child full of unnecessary drugs it could make them tired and not feed very well which could decrease their chances of getting better faster. Lost of liquids, the saline drops, and nasal aspirator. Also if you are using a heat humidifier you will want to switch to a cold one! Trust me its better! Also I found that you can go into the bathroom and let the shower steam up the bathroom so it clears your little ones stuffed up noes and its good to get lavender or chamomile(pure) or even pure mint and put it in the steamy water helps sooth the baby as well. Also what worked very well is slightly tilting the babys mattress by placing a small towel or receiving blanket folded under the mattress really helps keep that little nose clear. I know you are upset that baby is sick, but upsetting yourself is also upsetting baby. I hope I helped somewhat and good luck let me know how things go! Just remember soon baby will be all better it just takes a little time and lots of love!


maya - March 28

when u take a real hot shower and when u get out steam is on the mirror. that helps baby. hold ur baby like ur burbing her in the bathroom with steam that should help



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