If You Want A Sling Get This One It Rocks

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Erynn21 - March 5

I got my Sprout Pouch baby sling last Monday and have been wearing it all the time, I LOVE it and Nora does too. For those of you in the market to buy one check out the website, sproutpouch.com, they cost about $50, but it is so worth it. I could have sold 10 already everyone is asking me where I got it. I cannot believe how easy it is to carry my dd. Just thought I'd tell those of you who want a sling these are great, and thanks to those who steered me to this, I love it. : )


Mellissa - March 5

i made myself one... but unfortunately Diesel HATES it! He is 7 months and sooo squirmy. I was going to buy one because i LOVE them.. i think they look so cool.. but now I'm glad i didn't spend the money. if I ever have another baby I want one though.. and I'll get it earlier so the baby has time to adjust and maybe they'll like it more than Diesel does.


Lala - March 5

I got a sprout pouch too. I LOVE it too, and so does ds. He just sleeps and sleeps. I think he thinks he's back at "home" in the womb. lol. I got the "Peyton" with the beigh paisley print. Which did you get? I wish they had the green/multi color paisley print they show in the photo gallery. That fabric looks beautiful!


Erynn21 - March 5

I got the Joelle, but I am thinking about also getting the Erin, not just because it's my name, lol, I like the fabric of it. I just can't believe how comfortable and secure my dd is. Lala how old is your ds? My dd is 6 months and I can do the various hip hold and the front with her hugging my body, she looks like a little monkey holding on to me, it's so freakin cute.


Lala - March 5

My ds is only 6 weeks old. That's great to know that it really does work with the bigger babies! Yeah!


CyndiG - March 5

I've been looking for something to carry Carlie. She's 7 1/2 months. I was going to look into the Hip Hammock, but this sounds so much better! Erynn, does your baby feel secure. I just have this mental image of Carlie flipping right out the top of it! What if they get squirmy??? She would ride all day long in my snugli, but my back kills me after a while!


k.p.j.e. - March 6

Hey i want one! Does it kill your back? Would you recommend it to me, who has to bend over a lot to chase/pick up after a 16-month-old feisty toddler? I want one to carry my soon-to-be-born daughter so I can maybe have some free hands?? What do you think


Lala - March 6

For me, ds feels very secure. In fact, the only thing I don't like is how hard it is to get him out. It's ackward. Maybe I just need more practice, though. I like the sling!


Erynn21 - March 6

I like these because the website has videos to show you how to do the various holds, my dd feels super secure. I tuck her little arms in if I want her to be in tight. She gets so comfy she falls asleep, it really feels good, you just have to adjust it by doing the shoulder flip as shown on the video. It does not hurt my back and Nora gets excited to see me putting it on because she knows she'll be close to mama. I think they are great for carrying babies of all sizes. Grocery shopping is a breeze w/ it too, no baby carrier or dirty shopping cart for the baby to touch. I love this thing.


CyndiG - March 6

That's it, I'm ordering one! I saw the videos on the website, and it looked easy enough. At least they have a return policy if I hate it! I can't wait! Thanks!!


Wellis10 - March 6

I have one of this to. Someone gave it to me. I haven't really use it....it usually use my stroller, but I think I might try it. Esp since his been so fussy. Apart of me just wants to scream with him.


Erynn21 - March 6

Baby wearing can help reduce infant crying drastically, many times babies just want to be held. My dd loves to be held(always has). When she was smaller she hated to be put down and didn't like the bouncy chair on the floor. They really help.



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