If Your Baby Was Born At 36 Weeks Were Their Lung Developed

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kay101 - May 4

That's basically my question.....if you had your baby at 36 weeks or even 35 were their lungs developed when they were born? And did you have steroid shots for their lungs? I have an amnio in the morning at 9am and I'll be just over 36 weeks. I had the steroid shots earlier in my pregnancy due to preterm labor so I think my odds might be a little higher. As long as the test shows his lungs are developed I'll deliver tomorrow afternoon.


DDT - May 4

I have a friend who had her baby girl at 35 weeks. She had been put on bedrest from the 2nd tri on because she started dilating early. At 35 weeks her water broke and so they did a C-section. Her baby had problems with regulating her temp, breathing & nursing/sucking reflex. They kept her in the hospital for 2 months and my friend had to go 4x a day to the hospital with pumped BM. Even though she was 5 weeks prem she weighed 5lbs 14oz. And my friend had been given steriod shots. BUT I have also heard of other babies who were born at 35-36 wks and after a few days were released without any complications. Good luck!



Kay, Well, My sister had her son at 35 weeks with nooooo steriod shots, and he came out fine. He went home two days later with her, because of being born CSection. I had my son last Aug at 34 weeks, and had the steriod shots and he came out breathing fine, but had other health issues. (He has cystic fibrosis). I think you will be just fine! Good Luck!


iemc19 - May 5

My dd was born at one day short of me being 36 weeks...I developed pre-e and was induced on the spot...She was smallish - 4lb15 but was totally fit and was allowed to go home the following day...Chances are you and you LO will be fine, esp since you've had steroid shots already...Good luck...


RMC - May 5

My baby was born April 23 at 35 weeks 6 days and the amnio on the 22nd said his lungs were mature. He didn't have tp go to the nicu and we have had no problems so far.


RMC - May 5

Oh, I did have 2 steroid shots though.


AliG - May 5

My dd was born at just 34 weeks and her lungs were developed. I had the steroid shots at 29 weeks (2 shots- 24 hours apart.) I was induced in an emergency situation so I never had the amnio to check. But the amnio was the plan if I held on until 37 weeks. Let us know what happened. Good Luck.



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