Im An Awful Mom

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R - January 1

O.K., My husband and I left our five month old for the FIRST time last night ( with granma of course) . We were wrecks !!I went to a good friends weding and had 3 beers We were only gone three hours because It was so hard to leave her. Anyway when I got home she was crying so hard I never heard her this way and trying to feed her with a bottle made her worse..she was histerical she wanted to I did!!!! It was 8 pm and she crashed till this morning a 9 am shes never slept that long!!! I got her DRUNK I feel SO bad!


Jamie - January 1

You didn't get her drunk! If you weren't feeling the effects of the alcohol, neither did she. She probably slept so long becasue she wore herself out from crying.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 1

Is she poorly? If not then it's unlikely that any alcohol got pa__sed onto her. 3 beers is not much. Were you eating while drinking too? That soaks up alcohol (which is the only reason I had a gla__s on christmas).


R - January 1

thanks jamie that makes me feel better I was always told no more thah one every two hours so I was freaking out about it


R - January 1

Nope I wasnt eating poorly? What do yoou mean? Do you mean acting out of it...No she wasnt! she just crashed out for the night


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 1

poorly as in ill. Upset stomach, green poo... etc....


GiGi - January 1

Don't feel bad. You made everything OK when you came home and nurses her. I agree, she just wore herself out crying. Don't beat yourself up about it, it was a learning experience. Everyone will be OK.


Jenn... - January 1

Just curious, the bottle that you left was it a fast flow nipple? The first time I left Blake with my mom I left a starter nipple and it was too slow so he would not eat and got extremely aggitated. I hadn't thought about it because I nurse him and hardly ever give him a bottle.


CEM - January 1

You're not an awful mom!! 3 beers is nothing. And the amount she gets is minimal. Jamie's right, she probably slept so long from all the crying. You got out and presumable had some fun time away from baby, the regenerating effects of which cannot be underestimated. Don't feel bad, you need to ease up on yourself!


monica - January 1

you are not an awful mother....I believe you should drink beer to increase milk supply...but I am not sure how much. I also been told that very little goes through your milk to baby. Dont worry its not like you are getting drunk every night and then bf baby.


R - January 1

Ok I feel better thanks....its just that I still was feeling the effects a little while I was nursing so I thought That was why ...Its 130 pm now and shes been napping for the last hour she nevr naps so im still trippin a little I know it would definitly be gone now Im just such a worrie wort


Luludji - January 1

A few years ago people didn't even know that alcohol hurts b___stfed babies. I know when my Mom was young in my country mothers drank beer for good milk supply. Still, those babies grew up healthy! Once it happened, don't worry. She might be just sleeping more because she cried so much when she was missing you and got exhausted. You must be a great mother because 1. you never left her before 2. you are worried about her so much. It shows you are a caring a loving mother.


Shannon - January 2

i read somewhere that alcohol actually makes babies sleep more restlessly, so i doubt you alcohol intake cause her to sleep that long. she was probably pooped from crying for so long.


Shannon - January 2

i mean if the baby ingests any alcohol through b___stmilk, not alcohol directly, of course


Kristina - January 2

having a few drinks isn't bad...I asked the lactation consultant and she said a few drinks here and there is fine. She even said a gla__s of red wne every now and then can actually be beneficial.


The real Lissi - January 2

You're not an awful mom! It's ok to let you're hair down sometimes. You left her in safe hands. I've left Nadya with her gran for much longer periods of time! You're a good mommy. :)



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