Im Leaving Dh

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mosley12 - February 13

atleast for awhle. DS and i are gonna go home and stay with my parents for a bit. things are just getting to outta hand. we are both stressing over many thigs and taking it out on each other, and both have issue we need to get through, so we decided to just take some time apart. i still love him. im still in love with him. but we just cant go on like we are. he knows he has thing he needs to work on too. just please keep us in your prayers.


Rhiannon - February 13

Good luck. You have the strength to do this, although I don't know you. You are making the best decision for your son.


Rans - February 13

Hope everything works out for you. Sometimes time apart is the best thing to make you realize what you really want/need. Good luck to you.


mosley12 - February 14

thanks guys. we are getting ready to go. we have a long drive in front of us. the only good thing i see right now are dh and i are leaving on good terms. we sat down last night and talked and we know we need. i actualy think its making this i think it would have been easier for me to go if we were fightng.


mandee25 - February 14

Aw good luck mosley12. I hope you guys work things out if that was what is meant to be. Take care girl!


luviduvi - February 14

Oh, I know things are rough honey, but keep your chin up high. I believe a good att_tude can help you get through ANYTHING along with faith. I will be praying for you. Take care. Luv Ya


soon2bemomof3 - February 14

Mosley: I ADMIRE you for being strong enough to leave, last night I told my dh i wanted a divorce (which i don't) but we FIGHT ALL THE TIME and last night my 2 year old was saying "enough, enough" wehn we were screaming at each other and that was a wake up to me that something needs to be done. Good luck and if you need to talk I am here and know what you're going through!!!!! I find myself crying everynight too, i know it's just not good for us or the kids. Ughh, why does love have to hurt so bad.


shelly - February 14

good luck mosley,sometimes just a bit of time apart can help x


mosley12 - February 15

well ds and i are at my parents now..12 hours away from dh. it was so hard leaving. i had to sit in my car for like 20 minutes before i could drive because i was crying, and dh started crying before i left, so it made me cry harder. and of course on the drive down, our song came on the radio like 10 times, and people kept talking about valentines day. they were having a contest about the worst valentines day...i almost called was fine though, until i got home, and my parents were all over me, than i lost it again, and i saw my dad wipe a few tears cause of how hard i was crying, so that just made me cry harder. ds is doing good. he was laughing and playing with my brother last night, and we tried giving him some apple flavored cereal and he did not likeit one talked to dh last night. he went and talked a long time with his chaplain, and he wouldnt tell me what he said, just that it could be good and to trust him. than my mom talked to the marraige counselor at her work and she told us about some books so we're both gonna get them and read. im just taking things one day at a time, hoping things work out, but preparing myself in case things dont. soon2bemomof3-good luck with your marraige too. hope things get beter


rl- - February 15

well I hope you are able to work things out if it is meant to be and if not atleast your moving forward but it seems to me like you really love each other and just need some time to think things thru so good luck with that ( :


BriannasMummy - February 15

That saying.. distance makes the heart grow fonder.. is so true. Sometimes having the person you love away makes you realize what you have and how you want to make it work so badly. Im praying for you to have the strength needed for all of this. I really hope you and he can fix things.. I really cant wait to read the post where youre on your way back to your home to live with your dh. However, if it doesnt work out.. at least youre moving forward and youre allowing your ds to be in a healthier environment, and yourself to be in a healthier environment. Im sorry you have to get through this. That last post, where you had to leave and you sat in you car for 20 minutes.. made me bawl my face off just thinkin of how hard that must have been for you. I wish you all the luck in the world! ~Kristin~


ry - February 15

I am sorry you are going through this right now. Dh and I have changed so much since the birth of our daughter and it can get really hard at times. I will pray for you to find peace and happiness.


mosley12 - February 15

thanks guys. i just keep looking at ds and know i have to be strong for him. im going today to look for a job. i dont know how long we'll be apart and i want to have a back up. like i said, im hoping for the best and preparing for the worst


KLT - February 15

I know things will work out for all of you one way or another. Keep strong and you know where to find me if you me : )


KLT - February 15

meant to write : if you "need" me.



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