Im So Worried About My 6day Old

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Rhonda - March 1

She dont eat very much.She wants to sleep all the time.During the night she only eats once every 4 hrs because if i try to wake her to eat she wont eat.She only eats if she wants to.During the day she dont eat but maybe a ounce every 3 hrs.Im worried she may not be getting enough nutrition.She was only 5lbs9oz at birth,but i fear she dont eat enough,help.


nickie13 - March 1

Believe me they will let you know when there hungery. What kind of nipples are you useing with your bottles. I knowsome babies are very fussy on what kind of nipple they use. sometimes they might fill up with gas , that will make them feel full. How did she eat in the hospital?


Rhonda - March 1

I use little bity nipples because she is so small and dont like regular size nipples.She ate about 1/2oz every 2-3 hrs in the hospital.


mandyrenfro - March 1

sometimes the nipple can be to slow of a flow... my son was jaundice really bad and didnt eat for the first two weeks or so, but, like nickie said, she'll let you know when she's hungry!


SuzieQ - March 1

my lo was a sleepy eater - she would fall asleep every time we fed her, so we had to keep her awake by rubbing her feet, cool cloth on her skin... by two weeks old she had the hang of it. Is your lo having lots of wet and dirty diapers? As long as she has lots, she's fine


sophandbob - March 2

Does she have jaundice? Babies who have this are extremely sleepy and don't want to feed. It is easily treated if she does have it.


hello - March 2

You dont need to wake them to eat, they will wake when they are hungry, their tummies wake them.... As u say u are waking her and she isnt ready. She is only 6 days old, her amount will increase soon enough, you go with their needs. If they are still crying after a feed then and u suspect hunger then u give them a little more and slowly slowly it will go up but in their time, Do not start worrying yet at day 6 if they are eating enough, their cry tells you they arent getting enough and if they r sleeping they r content... Newborn babies dont stay awake for long, maybe half hr here and there so dont panic.... Sounds like your baby is fine and please dont wake her, just sleep and let her wake you...... thats my advice and congrats on your new little girl... I dont believe in forcing them to stay awake with wash cloths and such, to me its mean but thats just my opinion, if they go back to sleep they go back to sleep but often changing them first will really wake them up before u feed them... that is the key rather the shock of a cold face washer.. etc good luck


Emily - March 2

little babies have littl tummys....mostly a 6 day old is going to sleep and eat and wet and poop, but mostly sleep. Everyone worries that their baby isn't getting enough. (I b___stfed and I worried constnatly cause I had no idea how much she was taking in.....) as long as she keeps gaining wieght, she is good. And count yourslef lucky taht she sleeps for four hours at night!!!!


Danielle19 - March 2

does she fall right asleep when she eats? you could try feeding her while she just in a diaper that will help keep her up and she may eay more, otherwise as long as shes got 8 wet diapers a day she getting enough


Rhonda - March 2

Thanks girls,No she does not have jaundice.Last might i let her sleep.She went to bed at 9pm and then woke up at 1:40am and ate 3oz then woke up at 5:30am and ate almost 3oz..She ate good for me last night before bedtime,but during the day she dont eat much anymore.She poops and pees with just about every feeding.I was just worried because with my other kids when they were babies,they all woke up every 1 1/2-2 hrs at night to eat.She is the only one that sleeps for 4 hrs without wanting to eat.


AshleyB - March 2

I think you're lucky. My ds used to only eat about 1-2oz at a time the first couple weeks of his life. If she's taking 3 oz she's doing good I'd say. You're lucky she's sleeping so well at night already. Maybe she'll be one of those babies that sleep through the night really soon.


snugglybugglys - March 2

Hey Rhonda congrats on your lo! How did you c-section go?


kellens mom - March 2

i think that as long as their are plenty of pees and poops, then all is going well. You should be off to see the doctor soon for a followup appointment. At that time, you can check her weight to see if she continues to gain rather then lose. The doctors office or clinic should let you come weigh the baby without an appointment. I did that one time because I was curious. Any old nurse will help you with the scale.


BriannasMummy - March 2

Doesnt sound bad to me. When Ka__sidy was that little she ate small small amounts every 5 or 6 hours. Ka__sidy is now 3 months old and she sleeps all the time and she eats only 4 times a day. She is definatly growing though. No worries shell know when she is hungry. ~Kristin~



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