Im Thankful

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ash2 - March 1

Im thankful for the wet diapers because i know his kidneys work so well ; Im thankful for the dirty diapers and his good bowels even though they smell ; Im thankful for the snotty noses that i wipe every day ; because i know his sinuses work in each and every way ; Im thankful for his fingernails that scratch my nose, because i know i see them grow and grow and grow ; Im thankful for the tiny teeth that bite so hard on my br___t, because i know what i am feeding him will always be my best ; Im thankful for the loud, obnoxious cries that i hear from someone so young, because i know those come from some very healthy lungs ; Im am thankful for the fits that he throws when he rears his back so far ; Im thankful for the quiet rides when he is fast asleep in the car. Im thankful for all of these troubles that i endure everyday because i knwo he is healthy in each and every way !!! .


ssmith - March 1



mandee25 - March 1

I love that! I had to save it on my computer.


ash2 - March 1

I actually love to write poems and this was one i wrote the other day. I write them according to how i feel at the moment. I know i complain all the time about all the sleepless nights and the dirty diapers we have to change but in the end, im happy for all of it because he is functioning properly ! That and the fact i work in a hospital and see all of these people that lose so much like their kidney function and control of their bowels. it is truly sad !


piratesmermaid - March 1

So true!!! If only we can think about this during the troubles, we'd make it through the day a lot easier. :)



That is really good and very true. Are you saving them in your baby book?


ash2 - March 1

No, i havent saved this one yet...but i will.


Lala - March 1

VERY NICE!! I couldn't agree more (as I know what you mean about the hospital issues). Let's all take time to be grateful; I've read that it helps alot with PPD to take a little time everyday to think about what you're grateful for, and it made sense to me. : )


apr - March 2

so so nephew since he was born never cried. he got his shots, he didnt cry, his older sis pulled his hair, he didnt cry...he fell and bumped his head, never cried. until they realized that somethings wrong. i dont know exactly what he has, b/c they just dont discuss it, but hes 3 yrs old and doesnt talk or walk. so yeh, however hard it is that they cry and whine etc. its a blessing!


LollyM - March 2

That is a beautiful poem ash! I was talking to my dad today about what a blessing and miricle it is to have a child who is healthy. there are so many things that can happen! To have a baby that is so healthy and spirited just makes me want to cry! Ava does have something called NF1 but I don't consider her to be ill because she is a very healthy baby aside from the diagnosis =)


KLC - March 2

I sometimes get so overwhelmed with having four kids that all need me at the same time but at the end of the day I am so unbelievably thankful when I tuck them in at night, that they are all with me and not lost and safe and not scared or alone and healthy not sick. I am truly blessed.


ash2 - March 2

I know what you mean KLC...i read the news all the time about how many people lose their kids in kidnapping and death. Just the other day a dad snapped and punched 2 b__ws to his 10 month olds head and killed him ! And this girl in our home town was kidnapped through a carjacking !


Alison - March 3

Lovely poem I agree! These little ones are so precious and to have a healthy baby is such a wonderful thing to be thankful for :-)


shelly - March 3

thats lovley ash,brought a tear to my eye.



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