In Need Of Happy Thoughts

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ssmith - January 31

I have been feeling really down and sad lately.....and I'm trying really hard to appreciate the special little moments in my day. Maybe you could share yours.....What was the best moment of your day?


aurorabunny - January 31

Aww, it's hard to appreciate the little stuff sometimes when you're bummed out. =( Today I had to sit back and smile (and snap a picture) watching my newest foster dog lay on the floor with her head in my son's lap, both of them asleep. Viscious pit bull my patootie ; ) Hope things look up for ya soon girly.


Deirdra - January 31

my son had his first real giggle fit with me...he snorts and squeeks...then gets the hiccups its sorry your feeling down hun...


mcatherine - January 31

My son laughed for the first time without anyone doing anything to make him do so. A balloon just floated across the room and out came the giggles...


bekysu - January 31

My daughter just turned two the other day. I visited with my mother today and she asked for my daughter to stay the night. I let her as long as my baby didn't mind me leaving without her. When I told her "bye, bye, mommys leaving" she responded "love you" It made me sad to leave her but those were the sweetest words. I know that being a mom is tough. Back in Oct. I had my second baby. It was Halloween, and both babys were testing my patience, it had been a bad day. I took my 21 month old daughter trick-o-treating for the first time and she looked so cute dressed up like a cowgirl with her boots. She was so excited and there she was walking down the street holding my hand looking at me with the biggest smile on her face as if to say, "mom, this is the best day." It was at that moment I realized what being a parent is really all about. Doing something for someone who has a true grat_tude for even the littlest things. There will be better days, hang in there.


SonyaM - January 31

Sorry you are feeling down today. My happiest moment today was during dinner, my four year old leaned over, hugged and kissed me and told me he loved him. For no reason at all-so sweet.


HannahBaby - January 31

the best moment of my day today was laying around with my kids. I love the way my daughter thinks I'm hilarious and the way that my son looks at me while nursing. Things will get better, we all have down sad days. Hope you feel better.


shelly22 - January 31

Sorry to hear you're down :( The other day my son was in his crib and he was full b__wn laughing. So I went in his room and he was sleeping, I wonder what he was dreaming about that was so funny. He never woke up, even when I started laughing!


3babies - February 1

I had a good old cry as I mad lunch for my 6 and 4 year olds this morning ... it was my 4 year olds first day at kindy ... my 6 year old wore his full school uniform for the first time yesterday. Sad as I was I loved to watch how happy they were when we got there ...


KLC - February 1

my best moment was when I was getting ready for work and my 5 year old daughter was in the bathroom watching me and she said "I love you mommy and I want to be beautiful and pretty and smell good like you when I grow up." She made me feel better cause I'll tell you I haven't been feeling like any of those things lately.!!!!


sahmof3 - February 1

Last night I had dinner in the oven and was getting ready to head out the door. I guess my 18 month old thought I was going to forget his dinner before I left and he cupped my face in his hands and said, "Dinner!", and had this little nervous look on his face, like he was afraid he wasn't getting any! It was so cute and it was a new word for him, too... apparently panic is good for the vocabulary :-)


mandee25 - February 1

The best moment is when ds gives me a huge all out smile. That just makes life worth living. I love him to pieces! I also love the snuggle time when he lays on my chest and he naps while I watch tv. Precious moments.


kellens mom - February 1

Definately when my contractor called to tell me that the kitchen cabinets came in early and that they would be installing some of them today! Maybe sometime soon I will get my life (and kitchen, bath and diningroom) back! In reality, the best part of my day is seeing that smiling face each morning when I go get Kellen from her crib...that is if daddy has not beaten me to her!


bekysu - February 1

I just love all of these stories! It's nice hearing happy stories about our babies!!!


HANNAHs Mom - February 1

This morning I dropped my 4-year old daughter off at pre-school. After getting all her belongings situated and getting her involved with some cla__smates at the drawing table, she nonchalantly says to me...Mom, why don't you sneak out now, before I get was sooo cute!


jenrodel - February 1

Sorry you're having a down day! Just know that we all have them! My best moment was yesterday when I got home from work (I'm working 1 day a week while on maternity leave, it was my 3rd time). I walked in the door exhausted, sore feet, came into the living room and my 4 month old took one look at me and broke out in this crazy ear to ear smile! It was so precious... his Daddy said it was the first smile he'd seen in hours! Made me feel so good :)


ssmith - February 1

Yup, these stories are GREAT! Keep 'em coming! They really fill me up. Thank you for sharing, and thanks for the kind words of encouragement. I really need to hear them right now. HannahsMom....that was SO cute!



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