In Search Of My Daughters Friend

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karine - November 21

Hi, i would ask you all if you could take a minute to look at the "winnie the pooh" on my site, and let me know if you would know where i could purchase one...or perhaps you have one that you would sell me. It smy daughters friend, as she has been calling it since she could talk. i purshased it from a garage sale when she was 3months old. she is now 3years old, and she dosent go anywhere wihthout it...but its falling apart and their is barely any beans left, the material is slowly ripping and way to used. LOL i thought i could put this search here, since its for my daughterLOL its a huge delima, and i have to try and find another one before this one really goes. she is walking around asking me why i cant fix the bobos anymore LOL...well after sewing the ear back on...making it a newer nose and fixing the hole, the material cant take anymore sewing. thanks for all of those who can help me. here is the site. its on top. the picture is small


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 21

Since Christmas is coming, maybe you could get a pooh bear that has a hat and mittens on, I have seen many of these in Walmart and on Ebay. Then in spring maybe get a new one.


Jamie - November 21

It's hard to tell from the pictures on your site, but is this the "pooh"? no hypens (-) or underscores (_)


karine - November 21 i tried everything, it needs to be to jamie: its not exactly the same. The one my daughter has, has beeds inside all over the body even arms and legs...(its like carrying a rag LOL as its not too hard either.) the only part without the beads is the head. the head is plush like. But the head isnt too big. its about 8inch. the one on ebay seems similiar but it looks like the arms and legs arent filled with beads. any help is appreciated


Sam - November 21

why not just buy some beads and stuff them in and try to make it last just a bit longer til you can find one? Just a suggestion


Kate - November 21

the only place i found that particular winnie the pooh was at a store in england. here's the site: it's the same thing, just with all its beans!


Kate - November 21

Oh, and when you get to that page, click on the first of the available doc_ments, not the second link.....that's a different pooh.


karine - November 21

to sam: I have been looking for one since she was 1yrs.LOL I cant add beans in it, as the material is so used, you can see through almost...and it wont take long until it all ripps. i think adding beads will make it eavier on the material and ripp faster. kate: it looks like it alot...i pushed the b___ton add to cart..and i cant buy it???


kate - November 21

okay - go back to that page, then click on GO BACK TO CATALOGUE, or whatever it says, then select the subcategory WINNIE THE POOH. it's on that page and from what i tested, it looks like you can add it to your cart and order it from there. glad to help!


Katie - November 23

You could find a sewing store or tailor that would be able to repair it. I know there are places that can do that. My Mother used to patch and fix a stuffed monkey that my little cousin couldn't live without. BTY- I used to have a little beanie like that at one time. I bought it at the disney store. It had to have been around 8-10 years ago. I will have to see if maybe I left it at my folks house when I moved out. I will look to see if I put it in the attick with the rest of my stuff. I would love to find it and give it to you.


karine to katie - November 23

that would be so nice!!!! i just wanted to thank you all for all your replies.



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