Infant Care Set Question

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kr - January 8

Hi, I got a 'Graco' infant car seat from a girlfriend. I would like to buy a second base for a family member. Does anyone know if the base needs the same style as well as the same brand? They all look the same to me. Thank you


amanda.d - January 8

I would check out sears online they sell extra bases and I do belive the graco and evenflo are the same.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 8

I am not sure exactly, but I would a__sume to insure the "maximum" safety it would need to be. I know that if something happens the carseat company is not at fault if you are using another manufacturers base or anything.


Jbear - January 9

Most infant seats can be buckled in without the base too...not as convenient, but you can adjust the angle that the baby is at.


Sophie's Gramda - January 9

Look on the side of the seat, there should be a 1-800 number. Have the model number and manufacture date when you call (on the same sticker). They will direct you to the customer service centre for the country you live in. Not only will they provide you with the right info. but, they will also check if any recalls have been made for your model.


Kathryn - January 9

Yes. Even older model car seats won't fit into the newer bases.


momma - January 9

i would definatly get another base it is so easy to snap them in and out as oppose to bucckling it every time I would also make sure it is the same comapny and model of base for safty reasons (2 different bases might look alike but probly arent exactly the same) dh considered it a necessity to have one in each of our cars so that we werent switching it around all the time


mom42 - January 10

Try the company's website. I think you can buy an extra base on there. Otherwise, you can find waht you need with the model #, then buy it at a local store to save on shipping. I think ours is Evenflo and they have a standard base for all of their seats, even our which is almost 5 years old. But, my friend's Graco did not fit into my evenflo base.


kr - January 12

Thanks everyone, I called the number and found that they have a standard base. I can go to almost any store...hurray!



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