Infant Carrier Sling

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Kerri - January 29

I'm due in a few days and I need to find an infant carrier or sling. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm leaning towards a carrier, but there are so many different kinds out there.


Lisastar9 - January 29

I hear you want a carrier,but I have a sling ,I use it to carry baby in ,changing pad over top of public changing stations,as a blanket for baby after they have fallen asleep all I have to do is slip out of the baby sling and place baby down,and the baby doesn't wake up. I find slings have good support can hold a three yesr old too if they need to be held. Hope you get some good imput on this matter


jg - January 29

I have the Baby Bjorn - it has been fantastic. THe straps are nice and wide and really supportive. When my boy was newborn he would fall asleep as soon as we put him in it. Now that he is 7 1/2 months old we have him facing outwards and he just loves it. I have seen another carrier at Target that you can wear on the front with the baby facing outwards or inwards, but you can also wear it on your back with the baby facing inwards, which I thought would be great. I'm not sure what it was called, but it was about 1/3 of the price of the Baby Bjorn. Not sure how comfortable it would be though.


Jbear - January 29

I have both, a sling and a carrier. The sling was good when my baby was tiny. The carrier I have came from walmart, it's Snugli brand and works with the baby facing you, facing out, and on your back. It has a little rain cover that snaps on too. It was $30 but it's worth it.


pbj - January 29

I have a baby bjorn carrier and I love it. My daughter is now 10 weeks old and it works great if she just seems to want to be with me but I have some tasks to take care of, I just carry her around with me. Also works really well for my daily walks to take off pregnancy's like wearing weights so I work twice as hard. My friend used a sling and loved it for her newborn...not sure if she used it as much later on.


HEATHER - January 29

I have an eddie bauer one and Love it. It was about $80.


Christy - January 29

I have a Baby Bjorn and have liked it so far. I have only used it around the house, though. I plan on taking the baby outside with it once the weather improves.


FF - January 29

I had a Snugli front pack that could let the baby face in when newborn and out once he gained head control. I really liked it until he got up around 15 or 16 lbs and then he was just too heavy.


Jbear - January 29

That's why I got the one that works as a back carrier too. I had the one that was a front carrier only for my first daughter, and she was so big that it was impossible to use it by the time she was four months. I haven't tried this one on my back yet, because it says you have to wait until the baby can sit up una__sisted, and Sophia isn't ready yet.


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 30

I have the snugli. I tried a sling that I got at Target but she didn't like it. The snugli is good but it does hurt my shoulders and back. I was just looking online at some slings the other day and saw some really neat ones. I ordered a catalog. I would definetly get some type of carrier/sling. It saved me and my husbands sanity several nights.


Jamie - January 30

I have a Snugli and a sling. I absolutely hate the snugli, and will probably donate it to charity or someone I don't like. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sling!!! It's awesome for b___stfeeding in public, or around the house if I don't want to sit in one place to nurse; it's a LOT easier to get around than having to worry about a bulky stroller - as Lisa mentioned, it's multi-functional, acting as a changing pad, blanket, etc. It was great carrying my newborn snug against my chest, protected from wind, rain, and also from the people who feel the need to touch babies. Now, Serenity is too big for riding on my chest, without killing my back, so I use it to carry her on my hip - she can see, it's easier on my back, and it keeps me from being afraid I'm gonna drop the little squirmer. As she gets older, and turns into a toddler, I'll slip her around further and carry her piggy back on my back, with the sling securing her.



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