Infant Coughing Congestion

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fefer1 - August 4

My 7 week baby has sounded congested for the last couple of days and is now worse. He is coughing too and it sounds weird. Sometimes it sounds like he's choking and then it turns into a cough. If he didn't sound congested I'd think it was reflux because he has been projectile vomiting after coughing. Last night he soaked me doing that. He slept all day yesterday too - which isn't totally abnormal because he loves his sleep, but he would just pass out after eating and didn't really have any awake time. I was totally paranoid all night that he's have problems breathing so I got no sleep. I know...I should call the doctor ... but thought I should check and see what you all thought or if you've experienced any of this. He doesn't have a fever and he doesn't act really sick...never experienced this with my dd who is now almost 2.


fefer1 - August 4



DDT - August 4 may be reflux. Maybe he is a happy spitter. His sleepy day could have been because of a growth spurt. Just a thought: my ds was diagnosed with larynxgomalacia. Research it and see if it fits Levi's symptoms. My ds has raspy breathing when excited or active, projectile vomits, spits up quite a bit, coughs, chokes and has hiccups frequently.


gabby509 - August 5

Fefer, King was really congested up until he was about 6 or 7 weeks. It was horrible, I had him at the doctor because I was paranoid about it. It was really bad when he would b___stfeed, his nose would sound like there was very very little air getting through. The nurse told me it was normal, even after he threw up mucous a few times. The only thing I can attribute it to is that around the time that his congestion cleared up, he also had an ear infection. So the doctor put him on medicine and his ear infection and the congestion went away, so I'm convinced that they went hand in hand.



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