Infant Diapers

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Karen - January 14

I'm due in about 2 weeks and I was just wondering how many diapers you go through and how much you spend on them per week?


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 14

I spend about £10 on each child.


FF - January 14

At first you go through about 10-14 a day I'd say, after the first month or two it slows down. I buy a jumbo pack of 38 for about $6 for my five 1/2 month old every two weeks, but I could get away with doing it every three weeks. I just don't ever want to run out! ha ha ha!


sugar+spice - January 14

the first month and a half, we went through a pack of newborn size every week so that was about $10.00. now we go through a pack every two weeks cause she in a size one.


BBK - January 14

Let's see in the beginning we were a___l-retentive about changing diapers and so we went through about 16 a day. Now at 6 months of age it's about 5 a day or less. Plan to spend $20-30 per week in the beginning, then about 15, then 10. It also depends on the brand/place of purchase. Good luck with everything


C - January 14

I probably use 8 per day unless he's having a really poppy day and then it might be more. I change him every 2-3 hours and he sleeps through the night. Oh, he's 8.5 months.


Jbear - January 15

I spend $8 a week on diapers. My daughter's 5 months old and she wears size 2. I like Luvs the best but I didn't like the newborn luvs. Newborn diapers have a lot less in the package for the same price, so if your baby's big enough, try using the size 1's as soon as possible. My baby was only 6lbs, so the size 1's came up to her armpits at first, but within a month she had grown into the size 1's. Some newborn diapers have a cutout for the umbilical cord stump, but you can fold the top down instead...that's what we did when my first daughter was born, back before they made the ones with the cutouts.


Eryn @ MN - January 15

I think we go through a pack of 50 every 4 days or so. It depends though because I am more annal about changing her then her dad is. The newborn papmers swaddler are about $10.00


Christy - January 15

Ben is 10 weeks old and we use about 8/day. It was like 10-12 or more in the beginning, though.



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