Infant Feeding

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twokids - November 3

my 2 month old daughter is currently drinking 1-3 ozs. per feeding. We are spending 1hr at each feeding session. She is drinking expressed br___tmilk, and is eating every 3 hours. She does sleep about 6-7 hrs throughout the night, and is not any more hungry in the morning. During the day, she will drink about 1 oz then get uncomfortable and we almost have to force the rest. At nighttime feedings, she will drink the first ounce, then scream everytime the bottle touches her lips. She is on Pepcid for possible reflux, but has had no testing. She is gaining weight and is not dehydrating, but the pediatritian says she should be drinking at least 4 ozs each feeding. Any ideas?


c_baer19 - November 3

My doctors say that as long as the baby's gaining weight, don't worry too much about it - just feed her on demand, when she's hungry. My DD is b___stfed and eats every 1-3 hours, depending, but usually on the shorter side of that. When she has a bottle of b___stmilk, she rarely takes more than 2-3 ounces. I would just feed her when she's hungry - if she's gaining weight, she's getting what she needs.


wailing - November 3

If ur not b___stfeeding but only feeding expressed b'milk in a bottle, u could try to change the nipple? I've read many people on here say that it made a difference for them. However, if u are b'feeding as well as using a bottle it is best NOT to change the nipple so they get used to a faster flow. At 2 months, my lo was eating at least 4oz's at a feeding every 3 hrs, but every baby is different. Maybe u want to get a 2nd opinion? Why did ur Dr. not check to see if ur lo had reflux before prescribing meds?


Prego1 - November 4

Hi. Does she have any other symptoms? I wonder why the dr. gave Pepcid, I thought the first thing they try is either zantac or axid. My dd just started on Axid. She didn't have the upper GI exam. It was diagnosed from the symptoms. I read online that most diagnoses are based on symptoms and that the barium test sometimes misses the reflux. DD is 12.8 lbs now and she's 9 weeks old so her weight is good. Anyway, if your baby is gaining weight that's good. Sometimes though if reflux is untreated it can lead to food aversions.



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