Infant Feeding Questions

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LACY - January 6

The pediatrician said Nataleigh could start juice today- I bought gerber bottled juices, and since she can only have 1/4 of the bottle a day, do I dispose of the rest, or is it still good for a few days?


momma - January 10

on the larger bottle it says that it can be refrigderated up to 7 days I would a__sume the same of the little bottles


Jamie - January 10

Yep, it's safe to refridgerate. Are you planning on diluting the juice, or giving it to her straight? I dilute Renity's juice - 2 oz. of juice to 2 oz of water; I worry about giving her too much sugar since fun things like diabetes and hypoglycemia run in my family.


Jbear - January 10

Just old is she? My pediatrician said I could start Sophia on juice at 4 months, but that seemed early to me.


Jenna - January 10

Why even give your infants juice? It does not add any nutritional value, does it?


Jamie - January 10

Jenna, it's to satisfy thirst, and introduce them to the flavor of it, and the variety. My daughter is b___stfed, but I don't want to have to nurse her every time she gets thirsty. I need to have a life, too. As for nutritional value, no baby food has any nurtritional value (check the label!), so why give it to them at all? I mean, c'mon - be serious.


HEATHER - January 10

if she is looking to suck I was told to just offer the b___b that juice isn't necesscary until after the first year and then it still isnt needed that water would be a better choice instead of sugar.


momma - January 10

I give my dd juce once a day I usually water it dow 50/50 or a little more If she is thirsty after that i give her water and pear and prune juces seem to help if she gets constipated (prune works better) my pediatrician told me to start at 2 months but only for a few days to check for alergies and when she needed it after that but now my dr. wants me to only give my dd 2 bottles of formula every day so she needs the extra fluid


Jenna - January 10

Juice is just plain unnecessary. It will make baby fat and it also rots teeth. Why start a bad habit? And no need to get defensive Jamie, I mean c'mon.


KrYstaL - January 10

actually real fruit juice if given sparingly can count as a one of the recommended daily servings of fruit.


Barb - January 10

I have given Trinity 1oz.of pear juice when she was constipated...did the trick =)


Jamie - January 11

Jenna, you raise your kid your way, and I'll raise my kid my way, k? K. As for my baby getting fat and rotting teeth - well, gee - I'd LOVE to see a member of MY family get fat! Hell, it took me getting pregnant to finally be considered within my recommended weight range...before that I was underweight, as is every member of my family. So, yah, if giving her juice now will help her avoid being severely underweight as a teenager, I'll go fill a sippy cup right now. As for rotting teeth - well, gee, good oral hygiene can prevent that. I already brush her gums twice a day, just to get her used to it. But, seriously - check the label on a jar of baby food. In fact, hold up 2 seconds, I'll go get a jar, and tell you the nutritional content.


Jamie - January 11

K, I'm back, with the nutrition facts of Gerber Green Beans. Total Fat - 0g; Sodium - 9mg; Pota__sium -115mg, Total Carb 4g, Fiber - 1g, Sugars -2g, Protein - 1g; %Daily Value - Protein - 4%, VItamin A 10%; Calcium 4%, Iron 2%, Zinc 2% - so based on that, in order for her to get any real nutritional value, I'd have to feed my baby 5 of these things. So why bother at all? Easy - because green beans that are NOT boiled into mush DO contain nutritional value, and she's not going to be nursing forever. So, I'd like her to be used to the flavor now.


jodie - January 11

Jamie...very well said. I am waiting for my little guy to fall asleep so I thought I would log on...and I must say that you made my are funny!!



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