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concerned mom with miserable baby - June 29

:-( I started my 1month old on Good Start, at first she seem to be taking it fine and about a week ago her bm's decreased and she started getting real fussy and gassy, grunting all the time,spitting up after feedings. Dr diagnosed acid reflux(not sure if thats the problem). So I put her on similac and she still was the same, I figured she was lactose intolerant so I gave her the similac soy and so far she's doing ok..grunting has stop, no spittin up, there is still slight fussiness and gas, and no bm for 24hours. Is there anyone who has experienced this and knows of anything else it may be, or some other remedie


Jbear - June 29

You can buy gas drops for infants that help. Also, when you're feeding her make sure you're getting a couple of good burps from her, one halfway through the bottle and one at the end. Ask the doctor about the lack of bm's, that sounds a little strange.


P - June 29

Your baby's bm's change after a month or two. My daughter used to have a bm in practically every diaper but changed suddenly one day. She didn't have a bm for a couple of days and I was freaking! Breastfed babies aren't supposed to get constipated. She wasn't, she was just reworking her schedule. Now she has one every couple of days. I read about one baby who had one every three weeks!! It was considered normal because it wasn't dry and there was no difficulty in pa__sing it. When she finally does have a bm observe her and see if she's having any trouble with it. If she is, your doctor can tell you how to treat it but if she has no problem pa__sing it then there probably is no problem. My daughter had crazy gas which would make her grunt and cry and the Ovol drops helped a lot. They taste gross, if her face is anything to go by, but you can put them in her formula. I spoke with a pharmacist and she said these drops are not absorbed into their system they just help break up the bubbles.


E - June 29

I went throught the same thing, at the same age as you. We switched from Enfamil (milk based) to Enfamil (soy) b/c of the same issues. Watch out, her poop is going to get really smelly. We switched back to milk-based due to the poop issue. Our baby became ga__sier and worse from the soy. I think it is quite normal for infants of 1 month to be fussy while their systems are getting used to formula. Our baby also had reflux and our ped suggested we a__s 1tsp of Gerber rice cereal per 2 ounces of formula. This should keep the milk down better. Ask your ped. The soy formula is quite nasty, and this is coming from a vegetarian:)


E - June 29

I meant to say "add", not "a__s".


Kerry - June 29

Any time you switch formula your supose to do it gradual mix it together before you change completly also like jbear said there is gas drops to help as for the BMs they do change all the time just keep an eye on it. If when she does go its still soft don't worry shes not constipated how much time did you go before switching?


Brittany - June 29

Try some gas drops and also as "P" said, your baby doesn't have to have a BM everyday. If your baby happens to have one and it's hard (like adult BMs), you can try Kyro syrup (at grocery stores). It's regular syrup but my doctor said that it works because the sugar isn't digested and the baby just poops it out. I used it for my son if he wouldn't have a BM for three days and it worked EVERYTIME. It all depends on how much your baby eats, I would put a half ounce of the syrup in if my baby was eating 4 ounces a day. I'd only use the syrup once or twice in a day until my son pooped regularly. Maybe you can try this out.


CherishCayleigh - July 1

when i was b___stfeeding my daughter, one time she went 10 DAYS with no bm... i took her to the doctor and he didnt seem to think it was a problem. I also got a second opinion and he said that it was not a big deal as long as she went within 24 hours or so. So I gave her a baking soda bath.. all that is, is adding 2oz of baking soda while the bath is running, then i would wash her as normal and leave her in the bath for as long as possible (before the water cooled or she started to fuss) and sure enough, within about 3 hours she went (can take up to 24 hours to work) and then i just started doing that in all her baths and eventually she was going about every day... and now that she is on formula I give her a baking soda bath only when needed (has gone 24 hours)... so try this out.. it works and there is no medicine required.....


not that worried anymore - July 2

Thanks to everyone, BM's are fine, my nurse also said that stimulation to the rectal work, which she tried during a visit and it work. I'm definetly going to try the baking soda. Its strange that I spoke to many moms so far and they all said that GOOD START is making thier child spit up and all the symptoms that I have described above. It makes me wonder what the hell are they using in they're milk. Too many transitions but the doc prescribed Enfamil AR for my baby and GOD knows I hope this is the last formula, because truth be told all formula is expensive, like none of yall didn't know that :-/


Barbara - July 4

Hi,I just had my baby June 24th. I'm also using formula the similac with iron seems to be wrking good for him. Try using Dr. Brown bottles they help reduce gas and spitting up. Its worth a try,good luck.



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