Infant Hair Color

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ry - May 17

Hi, just wondering if baby's hair will change color and when this generally happens. at birth my dd had gorgeous brown hair with blonde highlights and now at 7 weeks it is strawberry blonde-pretty red! my mom and grandmother had reddish hair and i have to admit i hope it doesnt stay red. anyone know anything about this or personal experiences? :)


Jamie - May 17

Well...I was born with white hair...went strawberry blonde in elementary school, to mousy brown throughout high school, and now it's a lovely auburn - all natural, no dye. My husband was very similar - silver blonde as a toddler, and now has brown hair. So - I don't know what to tell you, other than, I'm sure that whatever color your daughter's hair is will suit her perfectly and be gorgeous on her because it's her hair, kwim?


Rabbits07 - May 17

It can change colors and shades many times and at practically anytime. I am blonde and dh is drk brwn. 2 of our kids were born blonde and still are, but two different shades. The other 4 were all born with dark black hair. 1 of those is now blonde, 1 is dark brown, 1 light brown, and ds is now going on 7 weeks and his hair has lightened considerably to a very light brown with some blonde streaks.


SonyaM - May 17

I had red hair as a child until about age 5 and my dh had red hair until about age 2. My first son was born with black hair and it's now light brown/blonde(He is almost 4). My second son had red hair at birth and now at 7 months it is still red (well really orange , he he). We love it though. He gets more comments on his hair and it is what makes him "him".


ry - May 17

Hey thanks for your responses! I know whatever her hair turns out will be gorgeous and meant to be. i just hoped she would be blonde like her mama ;)


Annette - May 18

My son was born with lots of dark black hair. At about 6 weeks, he started growing blond fuzz on the top and front of his head. He looked awful!!! Now at three months he is more bald than anything else and it`s hard to tell because it looks blond under the sunlight and dark in the shadow. It`s amazing how much they change, isn`t it?


meme - May 18

Hair gets darker with age... always always. I've never seen any different. Anyway, all I know about infant hair is that blonde & redhead babies hair falls out & gets replaced during the first week or so, but brown-haired babies it takes a little longer.


ah - May 31

Funny, I have the exact same question! However, my sis and grandfather have red hair. My son was born with brown hair and started turning strawberry blonde at 3 months....getting redder every day. My sister's hair is beautiful, but I loved his brown hair & was hoping it would stay brown.


TinaMarie - May 31

I have been wondering the same thing. Angelina's hair was redish blond up until about 4 months, now it is more blondish. I will be curious to see if it stay this color!



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