Infant Hernia

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January - January 15

Has anyone had experience with this? I just took my 9.6wk old daughter to her two month check up and they've diagnosed her as having a hernia. I'm currently awaiting a call from the pediatric surgeon that we've been referred to. It's just an appt to find out whether or not she needs surgery. I'm scared.. Has anyone else been through this with their baby?


sphinx - January 15

One of my twin daughters had a hernia and it just looked like her belly b___ton was a bubble but if you pressed it you could hear it swish. It was her intestine that herniated out. It went away on its own. My ped said that 90% of the time they do not require surgery and with the ones that do, the risks are not high because it is a relatively simple procedure. I wouldn't worry too much about it. This might sound weird but I put a marble in my daughters belly b___ton to hold it in, then put band-aids criss-crossed over the marble and it went down in a week. I don't know if it would have done down that quickly otherwise... might have been a coincidence but it did go down.


sphinx - January 15

would have "gone" down... not "done" down... typo...


Krissy25 - January 15

Is it the belly b___ton that is herniated or is it somewhere else. My dd has one in her belly b___ton, it looked awful but it is now much better and she is 5 months old. I didn't do anything to help it along, i think as she is growing the hole in the muscles it is comming out of is getting smaller. If it is somewhere else on her body it might only be fixable with surgery, hopefully that is not the case but if it is the surgery is a simple procedure, my brother had one when he was a baby too that had to be corrected with surgery.


andy - January 15

Hi January ... When my dd was 2 months , just 3 days before her appt she was crying like crazy after her bath because she was so hungry and suddenly we saw that one of her v____a sides ...sorry if TMI ... was so big and so SO HARD we started going crazy and getting dressed to go to the ER , but as I calmed her and give her the bottle , y dh called the ped and he said that it was a inguinal hernia , and that it was a congenital thing (born with) , totally normal ... bla blah blah ... well we went the next day to the ped and he confirmed it ... BABY HERNIA IT WAS !!! we were so worried , and not to worry you but he told us all the possible complications that I am sure he told you and that we should go to the ped surgeon , we went the day after the next to the surgeon , he told us that her hernia HAD TO BE OPERATED because her ovarie was what he was feeling that pooped out , so two days later we had to operate her, we did not hesitate and did not want any other opinion as we could see that thing everytime se cried and when I changed the diaper it was there . She went in at 8 and the dr came out 8 35 to let me know I could come in ... She was crying a lot and was very fussy , but at 12 we were released, she was very sleepy all afternoon and at night was like a normal baby . She is 9 1/2 months right now and a very happy baby ... She had a right side hernia but was perated on both sides , as the dr said just in case do it all at once . Don't be so worried , ir your dd need surgery she will be ok , try to keep her calm during ths days so it wont pop out ... Good luck , please ask anything and please keep me posted on what the surgeon sais ... xoxoxo andrea


January - January 15

Her's is in her groin as well, an inguinal hernia but it's not as low as her labias. It's on the left side right above her pubic area. Glad to hear you all had things turn out ok and especially ur's Andy because it sounds the most similar


January - January 16

First thing this morning at 815, the surgeon's office called. They said that my pediatrician had told them that "it couldn't wait." They scheduled her appointment for 10am this morning. The surgeon met with us and explained the complications, etc.. They've scheduled her surgery for next Tues. the 22nd. I'm nervous for her, I've never even had surgery. They use general anesthesia as well as a caudal block which is a shot to the spine kind of like an epidural. They have to place a breathing tube as well.. Scary! Keep us in your prayers.


jenna32 - January 16

at only 9 and a half weeks she has to get surgery? i haven't heard of that yet. the pediatrician said my little macy had a little bit of hernia but he didn't seem to concerned, so i looked it up on the internet it said that they usually wait it out until the baby is a certain age like a year or two or something before they decide if surgery is necessary..


January - January 17

Depends on the type Jenna. Her's is that her fallopian tube and ovary or poking through her herniated opening. If we don't do it now, it could cut off circulation to them and kill them off. This would make her unable to produce eggs from that side and limiy her ability to have children. Google inguinal hernia. Ask ur Dr what kind of hernia ur lo has.


January - January 17

sorry fot the typos, i'm nursing at the keyboard and typing 1 handed


jenna32 - January 19

ek,that is so bad to hear!Hope everything goes well!! it's ok,i type while nursing sometimes to,so i know what you mean lol.



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