Infant Massage

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Hannah - January 17

I am thinking of hiring an a professional for infant massage,when my baby's here. Anyone, any suggestions/comments/thoughts would be appreciated.


sara - January 17

I think your baby would like it more if you did the ma__sage. It would be a personal time for you two to bond, and would establish a daily routine. I give Brittany one almost every evening after her bath. I play her lullaby cd, lay her in her crib and use the johnsons bedtime lotion. I put the bottle in a sinkful of hot water during her bath so it is nice and warm when I use it on her. We talk while I ma__sage her and she smiles and loves every minute of it. After we are done, I dress her, wrap her up in her favorite blanket, and give her a warm bottle. She goes to sleep so easily for the night.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 17

I am starting a baby ma__sage course tomorrow afternoon :-) Can't wait! It is 1 and a half hours on a Wednesday afternoon, for 5 weeks.


Kris10 - January 17

that sounds great sara! I'll have to try that with my kiddos!


Shannon - January 17

ooo, a cla__s, that sounds neat!!


Toya - January 17

Yeah...I'd just do it myself...My baby didn't like ma__sages until around 3 months old, because before then it was just too much stimulation.


Ginger - January 17

Lesley - let us know what you find out. I'm a ma__sage therapist but its been a while since I graduated. I'm sure they've come out w/ new info. Thanks! Sara- I know Brittany loves that...what a great thing to old is she?


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 17

I will let you all know what we do and wether he enjoys it. It's a free cla__s to do, organsied by the health visitor. I wasn't going to do it, cos Wednesday is my shopping dy but when I found out it was only 5 weeks I'm sure John can cope with 5 shopping trips!


Hannah - January 17

Ladies, thanks for the input. Sara, did you take a ma__sage course?? I am in NYC and can't find anything here, surprisingly... HOw do you give an infant a proper ma__sage that he will benefit from? I agree - bonding is vital but i want him to gain physical benefits of infant ma__sage as well.. thanks!



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