Infant Reflux

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Prego1 - November 1

Hi. My dd has mild reflux and isn't on any med. I'm looking for other moms to share stories with, encouragement mainly. She is scheduled to have an upper GI test on Tues. Anybody in the same boat? What are you doing to help the symptoms go away aside from taking medications? Thanks


DB - November 1

My dd had reflux, quite bad too, up until a couple months ago (she is 9 months old), but unfortunatley Zantac was her cure. I refused to give rice cereal to a 3 week old baby. It got easier as she got older, but having a reflux baby is hard work. I can't imagine being in pain during and after every meal like that. The good thing is they usually always grow out of it and you just forget it ever happened-kinda like colic, we had that too!!! I'm sorry I'm not much help, but the good thing is if she NEEDS medication it will usually help LOTS! Good luck :)


Jmom - November 1

my dd has silent reflux. I couldn't figure out why she was miserable until I started to compare her symptoms to a frend's child that had bad reflux. We switched her formula to Nestle Good Start, raised her head when she was laying down- never layed her flat, and held her for a while after she ate. We finally got her on Zantac and it has helped SO much! However, I know if the reflux is bad- Prilosec (sp?) works well too!


Kara H. - November 1

Max was a silent refluxer - meaning he wouldn't vomit, it would go back down so it would burn him twice. Ped put him on prevacid. It takes about 2wks to see the full effect, but was like a new baby. :) He stayed on it until 6 months. It won't necessarily stop them from refluxing, but it will reduce the acid so they are not in pain.


GloriaD - November 2

My dd also has reflux. She would have both silent and the not so silent! So, we did elevate her after a feeding but she would have it two hours later sometimes. We also switched to Good Start formula and it helped but ultimately the Zantac worked wonders for her and she's so happy now. She even takes the medicine well, like she expects it.


jen327 - November 2

My DS has reflux really bad. He is on Pepcid in the morning and Prilosec at night. The day time he is fine and happy now, but night time is a NIGHTMARE! I have tried everything from the Tucker Sling to inclining his crib. And now the only way he will sleep is in bed with me. He used to take Pepcid in the evening too but the GI doctor did not want to do it twice a day like that (the Peds put him on that) so she switched to Prilosec at night. Since then he only sleeps till about 1 in his tucker sling then he is fidgety, fussy, squirmy and in my arms. I keep called the GI doctor and finally she has said to up his dose and if that does not work we will try another medication on Monday. I feel so bad for him because I started work yesterday and so he is all alone at daycare. But luckily he is happy during the day, I just get him when he is upset and in pain :( But reflux is hard to deal with. They tried to tell us it was Colic, but I kept pressing them,and finally we got our diagnosis. Good luck.


Prego1 - November 2

Is there anyone who is giving Axid to their lo? This is what the pediatrician gave me to use.


sunniesmile - November 3

yeah - my dd is on axid, she has been for the last 3 months - axid and rice cereal..i know several moms that used axid - never any complaints :) we never miss a dose- NEVER- hopefully its doing the trick - dd never fusses (knock on wood) only when she is tired...i take that as a sign of no pain :)


Prego1 - November 3

Sunniesmile: Hi. So u said your lo is on Axid. How often do u give it and how much? Also what formula are u using? I'm using Similac Sensitive RS combining w. b___stmilk. The ped. said to give 2 ml evenings first to see if it will help. The last 3 nights were so bad, she was grunting and crying in her sleep! Last night she didn't sleep, she would just catnap for 15 mins and then wake up whimpering and arching her back. Some days she is fine though.


sunniesmile - November 4

hey prego1 - ava is 4.5 months and her acid reflux has definitely gotten better. at first she would arch her back constantly and the dr. said her throat was irritated (sp) so I belive the axid is working b.c she doesn't arch her back and spit up near as much. she does still have it though b.c she coughs alot and will spit up some through out the day, but i think its getting better. she gets 2 ml axid twice a day - 12 hours btwn- so 6am and 6pm. we also mix rice cereal with her formula - she gets 6 oz formula with 9 tsp rice cereal in 5.25 ounces water. almost sounds like your lo needs it twice a day...hmm ... i hope she gets better :)


Prego1 - November 5

I have tried giving the Axid to dd. I started on Sat. morning. She spit it out completely, well prob. she got 1 ml in. Anyway, how can I give this to her ? I was thinking of adding it to her formula but she doesn't always finish her formula. Any suggestions?


sunniesmile - November 5

hmmm- is it flavored??? ava's is bubble gum flavored and i just squeeze a little bit in mouth and then after each swallow i squeeze in more-- it takes about 4-5 swallows for her to finish it...did you ask your dr.???


kristie h - November 5

My Ds who is 7 weeks old has realy bad reflux. I b___stfed him for about 5 days but i stoped as he looked like he was in so much pain. I could tell that he realy wanted the feed but it was just to painfull for him, he would scream to the point where his face turned purple, i had to force him to my b___st and he would just realy stiffin his body up and scream and i could NEVER settle him down so i decided to go on the formula. I tried S26 AR but he would not settle after a feed and i also had to change his cloths about 4 times aday due to major spit up and im talking half a bottle, so we were advised to go to karicare AR as that is more of a very thick cream formula rather then a thicker milk formula and it has worked great. He sleeps a few hours in the morning but then only cat naps in the afternoon. The other night was great as i fed him about 7pm and he woke up at 5am!!! He is a good sleeper of a night but during the day hes a nightmare. My sisters DS had reflux and he was a nightmare during the day and night so i should be very thankfull that i do get the sleep of a night.


Prego1 - November 5

It only comes in bubblegum flavor I think. The one we have is in bubblegum. I think I'll mix it w/ her milk instead, she just spit it up again when I gave it to her this evening.



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