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BBK - April 5

Greetings all. First time parent, calling all seasoned veterans :-) I got my baby-shopping list down, for the big items, as my wife's friend is having a shower for the small ones. A couple of questions: Has anyone had any experience with the much hyped Bugaboo frog stroller? It's price is steep but there are those who say it's worth it.... a vocal minority says it's not worth it. Also is it true that you need more than one strollers, no matter what? Second question: Consumer reports grades Peg-Perego Aria as the top stroller, but it lacks trays. Do you find that tray feature useful, or is it something you can do without? Thank you in advance!


PP - April 5

I looked at all the different strollers and the first thing I will say is that consumer reports has not rated many popular strollers. I personally looked at the frog and I am going with the far less expensive Zooper Waltz. It has all the features I wanted and I don't kick it when I walk. It is cute and I really have been happy. I bought it 2 weeks ago and have put 4 miles on it with my 18 month old nephew just to make sure it was the one. It is!


BBK - April 5

PP, thanks for the tip. I'll certainly check Zooper Waltz out!


Maureen - April 6

I'm a first time Parent too and my Mother bought us a Beautiful Prego with all the works, the 3-in-One type. It works Very Well, and is quite strong and tough for our Very Cold Climate in the Winter. Thing is, it's heavy I find, and I've already sprained my thumb on it taking the car seat out etc. If I could do it again, I'd go for the light-weight kind. I hope this helps.


Maureen - April 6

I forgot to add, the prego Stroller we have had a tray in the bottom and Yes, yes, yes, it is extreemly useful. Thankgoodness it came with it.


BBK - April 6

Thanks Maureen! Very helpful!


E - April 13

I love the Bugaboo Frog, but could not justify the price. I have heard that it can be used as a ba__sinett as well. That could save you $150 if you use it for sleeping. My baby sleeps in his stroller at night, b/c his crib is to big. I bought a Zooper, from Pottery Barn Kids ($250). I love it and it is lightweight. I almost bought the Bertini M5 Shuttle and once I saw it, I was so happy that I canceled my order. It weighs almost 30lbs and is HUGE. I have the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant seat, and it is okay. I have heard that Peregos are overrated, and they look like Graco (quality wise) with a European price.


PP - April 13

E- I have the same stroller only not the pottery barn one. I looked at it but I could not justify paying for the name but mine is identical to the pottery barn one only its red instead of their design. I love mine!!


KEEKEE - April 14

Hi, i have the peg perego ba__sinet stroller. It cost me too much money. I am embarrased to say how much. I love it. It have a ba__sinet and a carriage stroller seat. Its beautiful!!! The ba__sinet have adjustable holes on the bottom, so the baby wont sweat or get cold. Both parts have cold weather covers and hood to keep the rain & sun off the baby. The wheels are large like a carriage with a bump free ride.............Ok, enough with the bragging!!!!! HaHa......I think the peg perego is as good as the Bugaboo. Good Luck!!!!


E - April 14

Hi PP - I got a part time job at PBK when I found out I was pregnant, soley for the 40% discount:) Two 4 hour shifts each week has served us quite well. I love that store!! I would not have purchased their stroller either, had it not been for the discount. I so badly wanted the Frog.


PP - April 14

I liked the frog, I drove and hour to go play with it but honestly it was better in the catalog. I was let down by the ease or lack there of in use and while it is light and compact my nephew who is my official stroller tester gave it a big thumbs down. And my budget gave it a bigger thumbs down. I do love the sooper. And it looks so cla__sy. Plus it came with all the accessories.


Maureen - April 14

To Keekee: I have the Same One, that's the one I was talking about earlier, Peg Preggo with all the works. It's very good I find, everything you could ever want for the 4 seasons that we have and I don't know about you but our Winters here are REALLY long, and you have to push through the deep snow with it and it works well. Thing is it was really expensive you are right, but thankgoodness it was a Gift from my Mom. That was some Generous Gift! We are planning to sell the whole thing later on when baby has outgrown it. It will be very interesting to know if it will hold it's Price. Have a great day all!


KEEKEE - April 14

Yes, It sounds like the same stroller. I think it would sell well on EBAY(one of my favorite place) You are so lucky to have got it as a gift. Girls.. People bought me bags(ugly ones)and stuff I wouldn't use..........I think you could get 300 -400 for it use.........I think I'm going to keep mines and hand it down to my sisiter one day...........Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!


KEEKEE - April 21

I took the ba__sinet part off my peg perego and put the carriage seat on. my Dh said" Thanks for Pimpin my Ride"....He.....Hee........We love our stroller!!! It's so cla__sy!!! Even men love this stroller.......Had to brag!!!!!.........Good luck and enjoy your little angel!!!!!


Diane Lindhout - May 20

I was all set to buy another buggy because three of my friends had the same model but I was swayed to buy the Bugaboo when I realised that when I was pregnant the only buggy I could easily lift was the Bugaboo -it is sooooo light. It also fits easily into my three door car!!! It is so compact. My son is now 10 mnths old and he has had great value from it so far. It is just so handy to have the car seat, the crib and the buggy all in one adaptable system . We used it as a crib and a travel cot for the first three months. we even took it onan overnight boat trip with us and there are not many other buggys that will fit in the stairwells of a carferry!!! I can also steer it easily with one hand -VERY handy in town !!! I thought the price was steep but 10 months down the line I think it was all worth it. My tip is DON'T buy the bugaboo accessories, e.g the nappy bag. We bought a simple one for 10 Euro. It is just as good. Likewise we bought a cheap basket and a cheaper (non branded foot muff). It saved about 200 Euro. Likewise the parasol. I just hunted around until I found another black one that fitted. Good luck.



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